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Saxophone teachers near Tynemouth, Northumberland

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Private Teachers

Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Premium Members
Mr Thomas Dixon Tyne and Wear Musicians Union Member
Saxophones, Improvisation, Music Theory
Jazz, Blues, Pop, Rock
Standard Members
Mr Ralph Bossingham Tyne and Wear
NE30 3UJ
Piano, , Saxophone. , , Theory
Jazz, Classical
Miss Samantha Spruce Tyne and Wear
NE30 1PW
Clarinet, , Saxophone, , Music Theory
Miss Kim Saul Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear
NE27 0JD
Clarinet, Saxophone
Classical, Pop
Mrs Helen Milne Tyne and Wear Musicians Union Member
NE32 5XQ
Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute, Beginner Piano, Music Theory
Miss Becky Wilson Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear Musicians Union Member
Clarinet, Saxophone, Improvisation, Theory
Classical, Jazz, Pop
Mr Paul Edis Northumberland Musicians Union Member
Piano - Classical and Jazz, Flute, Saxophone, Clarinet, Theory and Composition
Mr Tim Jones Tyne and Wear
NE12 8ED
Mrs Cristina Muro Tyne and Wear
Saxophone, Music theory
Classic, Popular, Folk
Mr Martin Peel Tyne and Wear
NE29 7JN
Woodwind specialist, , Clarinet, Saxophones, Piano
All styles covered, classical piano, Clarinet, , Saxophone all genre's particularly, jazz and harmony, improvisation