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Mr george garside Merseyside
LL74 8SL
piano accordion. continental chromatic button accordion. Melodeon (DG and BC) BCC# button accordion. Harmonica (folk not blues)
folk ,traditional and popular tunes, not classical
Mr george garside Anglesey, Gwynedd
LL74 8SL
melodeon, button accordion BC, BCC#all levels. Continental C system (beginners only), piano accordion - beginners/intermediate
traditional/folk. English, Irish, Scottish etc. Learn to play by ear or from written music. normally no exams or grades, just friendly relaxed tuition at your own pace to place the sort of music you prefer.
Mr george garside Gwynedd
LL74 8SL
piano accordion, BC & BCC# button accordion, Csystem continental chromatic accordion, DG melodion
folk, traditional and 'jolly tunes' of your choice
Miss Katherine Betteridge Anglesey, Gwynedd
LL73 8PA
Violin, Composition
Classical, Pop, Folk