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Private Teachers

Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Premium Members
Mr Alan Weikert (Steamboat Music) Oxfordshire, Oxfordshire Musicians Union Member
OX10 8JJ
Electric Guitar, Acoustic guitar, Drums, Piano
Rock, Blues, Classical, Acoustic
Standard Members
Mr Lindsay Higgs Oxfordshire, Oxfordshire
OX10 9LE
Electric Guitar , Bass Guitar
Mrs Fleur Stevenson Oxfordshire
Voice (jazz), Singing, vocal, scat, improvisation
Specialises in Jazz Singing, including improvisation and stage craft. , Beginner to Advanced., Teaches Trinity and ASBRM syllabus, also Trinity Vocal Rock and Pop.
Mrs Jane Ely Oxfordshire Musicians Union Member
OX10 9BQ
piano, violin
classical violin and piano
Mr Tom Saunders Oxfordshire
OX10 0SZ
Guitar - Acoustic and Electric
Electric and Acoustic., , Genres: Rock, Jazz, Metal, Funk, Blues.
Ms Carmen Rose Oxfordshire
OX10 0BX
 Singing ,  Vocal Health,  Mindfulness through singing,  Acting,  Public Speaking ,  Performing, , Grade Singing, Artistic Development, Beginners introduction to Singing, Breath Work, Vocal Agility, Confidence and Performance Prep, Singing for Mindfulness. Vocal Technique for speaking, singing and acting.
Contemporary, Gospel, Opera, Classical, Pop, Blues, Musical Theatre, Folk, Country, Belt, Rock, Soul, Adult Contemporary.
Dr Nia Lewis Oxfordshire
Violin, Baroque and Classical violin
Mr Steve Dingle Oxfordshire, Oxfordshire
OX10 8HN
Guitar, Music Theory, Open/Altered tunings
Acoustic Guitar:, Celtic, English, Irish, Blues, Ragtime
Mrs Yvette Higgs Oxfordshire
OX10 9QR
Classical, ABRSM and MTB exams
Mr Steve Dingle Oxfordshire
OX10 8HN
Acoustic Guitar
Blues, Ragtime, Traditional, Contemporary, Song Accompaniment, Harmony, Music Theory
Mrs Lisa Howarth Wallingford, Oxfordshire
Classical Singing
Classical singing, Opera, Oratorio, Song
Mr Tom Anderson Oxfordshire
OX10 9NQ
Beginner, country - Chet Atkins, Tommy Emmanuel, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Soul.
Mrs Kathrine Pike Oxfordshire
Clarinet, Saxophone
Mr Robert Howarth Oxfordshire
OX10 9QB
Harpsichord, Fortepiano, Organ (Continuo), Vocal Coach (Early Opera/Early Music)
Early Music, Early Opera, Classical Music
Mr Steve Dingle Oxfordshire
OX10 8HN
Acoustic Guitar
Mr Charles Gibbs Wallingford
OX10 6LR
Tuba, euphonium, trumpet, cornet, trombone
Classical, Jazz, Blues, Baroque, Show Tunes, Romantic
Mr Charles Gibbs Oxfordshire Musicians Union Member
OX10 6LR
Tuba, Trumpet, Cornet, Trombone, Euphonium
Classical, Dixie, Swing,