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British School of Rock
Surrey based guitar/bass/drums/voca…
Earley Music Centre
Reading based Saturday Morning Musi…
British School of Rock
Surrey/West London guitar/bass/drum…
Mark Garnham Music Ltd.
Professional High Quality Music Tui…


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Private Teachers

Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Premium Members
Mr Rob Jacques Wokingham, Berkshire
RG40 1XH
Bass Guitar
All styles and Genres covered.
Standard Members
Mrs Asako Hudson Berkshire
RG41 2AQ
Mr Craig Thomas Berkshire
RG41 2PZ
Rock, Latin, Metal, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Drum and Bass
Mrs Susan Greenwood Berkshire
RG40 1DY
Violin, Viola
Classical violin
Miss Brigid Delaney Berkshire
RG40 2EY
Classical / popular /Irish traditional: if there is a particular style of music or pieces you would like to learn, i am very flexible. I want your music experience to be fun and enjoyable.
Mr Craig Tutton Berkshire
RG40 3HT
Drums (Kit)
Rudiments, Time keeping, Reading, Technique, Range of musical styles
Miss Cat O'Connor Berkshire
RG40 1SS
Piano, Vocals, Theory, Performance, Songwriting
Cat O'Connor specialises in piano tuition, vocal tuition, theory tuition and performance tuition. Having worked with Special Educational Needs for 2 years, her authentic approach ensures that all students break their barriers to learning and achieve their full potential. Whether you are a beginner, you know the basics or you're at a more advanced level, Cat has innovative lesson plans to get you achieving your musical goals quickly and with enthusiasm!
Mrs Melanie Le Breuilly Berkshire
RG40 2BN
Violin, Theory
Classical, Popular, , Styles of music and teaching adapted to what each student enjoys and wants to achieve - a balance of genres and learning your instrument through playing by ear, reading music, composing and duets.