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Since launching in 2013 has become a resource for music teachers to find support and advice, as well as dedicated articles on teaching. The online community of music teachers has grown well over 500 strong, with teachers now based around the world offering their thoughts on ideas of best practice around private music tuition.

It has been a passion to help connect teachers, in what can be quite an isolating professional as an individual music teacher, with other music teachers from across the world. After all, we often face similar challenges - from last-minute lessons cancellations, to how to help really nervous students relax during their first lesson.

Although two music teachers in the same city might not reach out to one another to talk about these challenges, we have found the music teachers are certainly keen to hear how other music teachers try to tackle them. This has been the real strength of the platform, enabling two teachers - for example, one based in Aberdeen and one based in Plymouth - to talk about the challenges they face and how they want to approach solving them, knowing that they are not really in-direct competition. 

The teachers in our community teach both online music lessons, as well as in-person lessons, to students across an array of different instruments. This includes guitar lessonssinging lessons and piano lessons to name a few - so it really is a diverse group of music teachers. We are delighted to have become a platform to provide a space for individual music teachers to connect, share thoughts and resources on all aspects of teaching music.

This has been especially useful in recent times, with the switch to online teaching - and all the challenges that brought - as well as the return to in-person lessons and exploring how that should be conducted. To find out more about our music teacher community visit or simply reach out to find out more.