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Alper Yazici
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Hello everyone, 
I am Alper Yazici. I am a music teacher for 19 years and I am living in London. My area of expertise is classical guitar and I give tutorials on this area from beginner to professional levels. I also have classes notably on classical music and popular music genres like pop, jazz, rock. With certificate systems of ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) and L.C.M (London Collage of Music), I coach my students in their joyful music journey by setting them goals. If you desire to learn how to use a musical instrument and experience this wonderful journey, we can start face to face or online classes now. You will rediscover your artistic potential with the tailormade methods that I specify according to your way of learning. You will be able to see lesson content and reach all visuala and other kind of lesson documents for free by logging on to my educational website You can also have new experiences by attending concerts privately organized for my own students during their learning process. You will definitely notice the positive change in yourself once you get music inside your life.
  • Course Table

  • Classical Guitar / Beginner-Advance / Classical
  • Electric Guitar / Beginner-Advance / All Genres
  • Acoustic Guitar / Beginner-Advance / All Genres
  • Bass Guitar / Beginner-Advance / Rock / Pop
  • Drum / 1-8 grades / Rock / Pop
  • Theory / Beginner-Advance / Classical
  • Piano / Beginner
  • Logic Pro X / Music Production
  • Songwriting 

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About Me, 

In my age of 15, I started to play drum kit and engaged in music unprofessionally. Later on I finished teaching music undergraduate program in Dokuz Eylul University with classical guitar major. I have also vocalised classical guitar repertoire in many university and concert halls. During undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, I have made some masterclass workshops with famous composer and interpreters like Carlo Domiconi, PavelStaidl, Nora Bushman, Marco Socias, Victor Monge Serranito, Ricardo Moyano. I started teaching during university and I have been continuing teaching in this area for 20 years. I have given tutorials notably on classical guitar and some other instruments like electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboard and drum kit. My teaching experience has expanded beginning from primary school students to university students during years. Lastly I have given classical guitar tutorials in Mef University. I have also focused on popular music education besides classical music performance. I have made various classical music arrangements and compositions by continuing on my theory and harmony works. I have made motivation and group coaching on the genres as pop, jazz and rock by gathering my students together. I composed a musical called “Parents Meeting” in 2016 music and production of which were undertaken by me. I actively coached 12 primary school students during rehersals. This musical was put on the stage in ?stanbul International School and got credit by audience. I have gained experience on certification exam education for many years in Turkish resresentative schools of A.B.R.S.M and L.C.M. I have prepared many students for the areas of classical guitar, drum kit, theory, electric guitar and bass guitar and my students have had succesful results. My music production and transcribership works upon which I have been educating myself for the last 6 years to enhance my personal development and to command on new technological trends; have brought positive conclusions. They have become not only extra material abundancy for my lesson contents but also professional hobbies that I enjoy besides music teaching activity. There have been many singles, album records, transcribership and compositions both for me and other singers by me. In the light of all these experience, making music with passion and transferring my experience to my students with the same passion have become my initial personality feature. Developing systems according to my students’ way of learning and being an inspiration for them have always brought positive conclusion in my teaching life. I will always be open to the platforms and opinions that help me enhance my music production process and experience with the same passion and excitement. 

Tuition Fees
55 Minutes : 30 GBP


Alper Yazici
Alper Yazici 
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