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Sheen Doran L.R.A.M.(Hons) I.S.T.D.

Description: 'Funny Old World Isn't It'
Address: 88 Albert Road, Romford
Phone: 07901229271

Vocal Tuition and musical arrangement

How to succeed

You will learn:

·         How to breathe properly; 

·         How to enhance your vocal singing range;

·         The importance of singing your songs in the correct key;

·         A choice of songs that will suit your voice and please the audience;

·         Microphone technique;

·         How to perform 'live' and connect with your audience;

·         How to work a P.A. system for 'live' events;

·         The importance of movement and staging of your act;

·         Various ways to compose your own songs;

·         How to control nerves and gain confidence?


Sheen can also provide recording facilities, plus promotion of your act, including photographs and release of your material through all media.  




£30 an hour