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Mr Phil Richardson
Zita Frith Date: August 2013
If I didn’t like Phil so much, I’d have to hate him, he’s way too talented. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a pianist, arranger or facilitator of music for any age or expertise. Phil is your one stop musical shop. Zita Frith, Vocalist performed with Scarlet Street
Jamie McCredie Date: August 2013
Phil is one of the finest educators and musicians I have ever come across. His care for the success of his students is truly second to none, and his ability to define student requisites and design courses that offer the very best education possible, irrespective of resources, is something that many revere and even more have benefitted from. He is a man of integrity and talent, and I cannot recommend him highly enough, in either an educational or musical role. Jamie McCredieSession musician & music educatorperformed with Kid Creole
Chris Cowan Date: August 2013
Phil has proven to be a multifaceted and skilled musician, composer and arranger. As a creative force, Phil is both tasteful and capable of generating original and remarkable ideas. Phil injects enthusiasm and a genuine passion to all of the projects he works on. My admiration for his musicianship and professionalism is endless. I consider it an absolute privilege to have worked with Phil for so long and look forward to working with him for many years to come. Chris Cowan, Claypath
Paul Elliott Date: August 2013
Having performed alongside Phil many times, I wholeheartedly recommend him – a virtuoso musician with a refreshing spirit and attitude… Paul Elliott, performed with Frank Gambale and Shaun Baxter
Lorraine Crosby Date: August 2013
Phil is an amazing musician, his piano playing is outstanding to say the very least! I would work with him again any time. He is a tremendous guy, team player and loved by everyone. Lorraine Crosby, Vocalist, performed with Bonnie Tyler and Meatloaf

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