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Dr Poly Victoros
Dr Poly Victoros
Sue Date: April 2015
Poly taught my son recorder, piano and music theory over a period of seven years and prepared him for ABRSM Graded Exams. She taught him with great dedication and even though he was only six years old when she began teaching him, her encouragement enabled him to achieve the highest results. She is a patient, diligent teacher who is committed to her students and I would recommend her for her flexible approach and reliability.
Amy Date: April 2015
Poly's great performance and teaching skills have taken my son Ming from scratch to pass ABRSM grade 6 Piano in just 2 years' time. Ming passed his grade 8 in the third year with his second piano teacher after we moved house, which made it impossible for us to travel to Poly's lesson. Poly is also my first piano teacher, she is very encouraging, inspiring, intelligent teacher with amazing qualifications including her PhD in Musicology. Ming and I totally enjoyed our learning journey with Poly. We have now become good friends.
George Date: April 2015
Poly is a patient and understanding teacher who dedicates her time to inspiring and encouraging her students. The learning is enjoyable, yet challenging. Poly is very aware of difficulties you might face in developing musicianship skills, but she sets goals and creates an environment which inspires you to persevere. Poly is friendly and has a sense of humour! She also has great respect for the student she teaches and goes to great lengths to a provide a way of learning for each individual. She provides and demonstrates a variety of techniques to progress your musical understanding. My musical background has greatly improved since being a student with Poly. Poly has honed my skills from slightly amateur to university level. My lessons have greatly impacted my life and enjoyment of music today.
Shola Date: May 2015
Poly has taught both my children the Piano, Violin and Music Theory for about a couple of years. In that time, they have both grown considerably as musicians, as a result of her lessons. She is greatly adored as a music tutor because she knows exactly what makes the children tick. She praises their efforts and hard work when they get things right; and lets them know in a sensitive and constructive way when they don’t. She diligently sticks with her students when they hit that ‘musical block’ and sticks with them until they get it right. Our ABRSM distinctions are a testimony to what a wonderful teacher she is.
Abi Date: July 2015
My children ages 9 and 7 have been with Poly now for 3 years. The older child has just taken his Grade 3 exams and through it all Poly has been a great teacher helping him to discover how good he can be. Now he will not walk past a piano without playing be it at airport terminals or in hotel lobbies. Poly has been able to adapt her teaching style to encourage my younger child who is a lot more reluctant to try things out and thinks she is no good at playing the piano. She just sat for the prep test and got an excellent report. I am glad we found Poly and I would recommend her as often as I could.

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