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Mr Tom Hobson
Helen Date: October 2015
My 9-year-old son has been having lessons since February 2015 and has made excellent progress. He can now read music and has learnt to play a variety of music/songs. Tomís approach makes the lesson fun whilst at the same time is structured to ensure learning is maximised.
Matt Date: October 2015
I love having my guitar lessons with Tom because he makes learning fun.
Caleb Date: October 2015
Personally I really like guitar lessons with Tom because itís rewarding when youíve learnt to play an instrument
Catherine Date: October 2015
Max really looks forward to his lessons with Tom. Heís learnt to play a variety of music and is developing each week. After each lesson we see improvements in the way Max plays. Tom is very patient and explains new skills well Ė thank you Tom.
David Date: October 2015
I have long harboured an ambition to play the electric bass guitar - my wife surprised me with a guitar for Christmas 2014, and so began my search for a guitar teacher. The first two people I approached did not feel they could help me, so I was lucky enough to approach Tom, who did not hesitate to enrol me as a student. I find Tom to be an excellent advocate of his musicality, and he has proved to be patient and helpful. I find myself looking forward to our sessions and progress has been miraculous; Tom is an excellent guitar teacher. Tom works toward progression building on earlier work, but also tailors my improvement towards my own musical preferences. In short, I am glad the first two possibilities fell through, I could not recommend Tom enough.
Karen Date: November 2015
Just want to say a massive thanks to Tom for all his help and support whilst teaching my son, also called Tom. His constant encouragement has motivated my son so much and he is coming on leaps and bounds. I have no hesitation in recommending Tom, he is by far, one of the best teachers I've met and it's a joy to see my son playing and enjoying music so much. Cheers Tom.
Richard Date: November 2015
Tom's wealth of knowledge and experience has made learning enjoyable and allowed me to improve massively over the past year. I can already play better than I ever thought I would be able to!
Kevin Date: November 2015
Had to find something for my midlife crisis... Lets learn the guitar I thought. I'm 52, never picked a guitar up in my life but after three or four months with Tom I'm now playing tunes and loving it. Don't get me wrong you have to practice, but Tom has natural ability to teach, he is patient and every week has a well constructed lesson... Only wish I'd taken it up earlier! - Kevin, Barnsley

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