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Mr Brendan Bache
Dr Fiona Macaulay Date: October 2013
"Brendan has been teaching my son, Joe, 13, for the last year at Yorkshire Music School in Saltaire. Joe began learning in November 2012 and progressed very quickly, getting a score of 94% in his grade 1 Rockschool exam, in very large part due to Brendan's teaching. I am delighted that Joe is learning with Brendan, who is an excellent and inspirational tutor. He is very skilled at handling young learners and knows both how to connect with Joe, and keep him continually focused on learning in the lesson. I have sat in on nearly every lesson, so have observed him at work - praising, encouraging, picking out both good practice and errors, getting Joe to correct himself, select the best piece, and interspersing theory and notation with playing, correcting posture etc. He also stretches Joe musically, with music selection and more complex rhythms (eg jazz) than Joe might select himself. Joe loves his lessons, in short. From what I have observed (and I have spent my life teaching, if not music), I can recommend Brendan very highly as a music teacher." Dr. Fiona Macaulay, Saltaire
Arturo Garcia Date: November 2013
"When I first met Brendan I found a very nice, patient and friendly person. He has a vast knowledge of drums that goes from brands, models and assembling to music theory. I consider him a great teacher because understands what you really need to grow as a drum player and works with you to ensure make the best of your abilities." Arturo Garcia, Mexico City

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