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The love of music started from an early age for me. I have been playing guitar, piano and synthesisers for well over 30yrs. I have spent many years recording and producing music in bands and commercial projects. I have also been very lucky to of worked as a pipe organ restorer and tuners assistant on 100s of church and chapel pipe organs.

I graduated with an honours degree in Music Composition from Coventry University many years ago. I later qualified as a music teacher and now I have a very varied and expansive background in performance and teaching. This has ranged from big classes of 30 to smaller group work and often one to one too. Instruments I have and do teach are Guitar, Piano/keyboards synths, bass guitar and ukulele, even whole bands. Much of my teaching over the last 16 years has been in primary and secondary schools in Coventry and Warwickshire, included FE at Solihull 6th Form College, City College Coventry, and Warwickshire College.

We can learn any tunes the student prefers popular jazz blues or classical and electronic or just jam around chords and themes. As the ABRSM or Trinity/Rockschool grades are a good start but they are not suited to every ones needs. I also like to get out chord encyclopaedias and mess around with chord shapes and sounds, we can find new and unusual pieces to play and do in different arrangements too. Music is a creative and real time experience, and one which should be a learning process that is enjoyable.

I focus on playing the instruments characteristics and sound not just copying a piece but interpreting it in a way that is the instruments and the students own. This interpretation is all based upon the harmonic language and functionality of its use in the pieces chosen. I am happy to work at the students pace and choice in music. I also have some set pieces that really do help the students understanding too. We will not just read music, we will interpret it. Donít be scared to Ďreadí music and donít be scared if you canít. I have taught it too all ages and it isnít as difficult as you might think it has a lot less letters than the alphabet.

I see music, no matter what the instrument, as theory and harmony in practice. Itís a language that speaks without having to say a word. The depth of its conversation depends upon how we listen and interpret it. This is of course harmony in a nutshell to a musician. This is the foundation of a musiciansí education. It is used in every lesson I teach. Not in a rusty old text book way, but in a practical student led way. Use your iPads too, as there are loads of brilliant teaching aids and apps online. I encourage students through performance experience and practice. This doesnít mean youíll be gigging instantly, but it does mean you will be playing something straight away. Music is a means of expression, so I at all times try to engender this in my teaching and playing.

The foundations of harmony are the basis for every lesson. As the last 300 to 400 years in music has been of such an impact on all our ears that it would be wrong to ignore it. The relevance and the connections to everything we hear as music is impossible not to note. This needs to be taught to our ears during a music class so we start to understand its importance and relevance within our playing.

I teach that when we play a popular piece of music. I demonstrate and show how it is linked to the same harmonic framework used by Bach, Beethoven and even Chopin if you like. It is simple when you know how and why,. Functional harmony does exactly that, gives us the framework to the functional and creative aspects of music.

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