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Mr Andreas Moutsioulis
Nick Date: September 2012
I couldn't believe that what Andreas told me in our first meeting, about advancing my technique and confidence on stage, was true. It took me only two years attending courses with him and my whole world has changed. I was able to play on the guitar every piece that I was dreamed of (even the most outstanding ones, like the "Concierto de Aranjuez") and feel full of confidence when being on stage. I've obtained my soloist diploma with honours!!
Alexandra Date: September 2012
Even with simple stuff, like learning how to play chords and songs, Andreas is an absolute great teacher. Theory and practice becomes one and you learn in no time through his gentle and friendly approach. After one year I was even able to learn how to play songs by myself
John Date: September 2012
Unlike other teachers, Andreas teaches you in a way that you won't need him to assist you after a while. His outstanding technique combined with his remarkable experience on stage, gives you the opportunity to learn even only by discussing with him. Thanks for everything
Helen Date: September 2012
It was a life dream for me to reach a high level in guitar performance and to obtain the "soloist diploma". Through all these years I have experienced many difficult moments with teachers who actually passed their insecurity to me. The result was for me to experience a tremendous stage freight. I remember the first time I met Andreas in his house, where he asked me why I have such a fear inside of me. I remember that he told me that music is about relaxation and expression and not about fear or competition. After all these years under his tuition, I can now understand his words and enjoy playing on stage. Thank you for changing my life!!!!

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