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Mr Charlie Jackson-Allen
Mr Charlie Jackson-Allen
Alexx Date: July 2013
I've been having piano lessons from Charlie for several months, and I strongly reccomend (sic) him. His lessons are enjoyable as well as informative, and he makes nice cups of tea.
Rachael Date: July 2013
You certainly helped me TONS, Charlie. I'd spent a lifetime with Dyscalculia (the numerical version of Dyslexia) and it made learning music theory and practice virtually unattainable. The technique you came up with to help me see things differently was like throwing a light switch: in a matter of weeks I found I was able to both play and write music. No-one was more surprised by this than me! I can't recommend your teaching services highly enough.
Jonni Date: July 2013
Charlie Allen has given me a brilliant exclusive and personal tutoring towards bettering my skills in reading classical piano music, as well as stage presence and invaluable advice in performance to achieve my long term goal to become a session musician
Crispin Date: July 2013
When Charlie first took me on as a student I was relatively new to the world of vocals, trying to imitate the works which I loved. I acknowledged the fact after discussions with other musicians that I needed to grow vocally in order to develop myself as a serious musician. The first step of choosing a teacher was easy; Charlie was ever so encouraging and had the credentials that made him ideal. After some time I learned that he had first spotted me at an open mic and although he saw there was work needed, he also identified the potential I possessed , compelling him to approach me as a tutor. Lessons are difficult but enjoyable and he knows how to make the environment that helps his students thrive. Charlie pushed me towards a vocal style he knew would suit my voice and helped me come to the realisation of how my voice could be utilised most effectively. Thanks to him I now know exactly what to do with my vocals on a stylistic level and would even push towards saying it's become it's own unique flower, fully blossomed. I believe without him I would still be floundering in the depths of mediocrity, with his input I now feel as though the world is there to be wowed.

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