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Mr Jake Boyle
Layla Date: October 2013
“It’s been 6 months since I first met Jake and for the 18 years up until that day, I couldn’t sing a note. I had always wanted to be a singer & front a band, but my inability to sing, crushed that dream at a very early age. I was led to believe singing was something only some ‘chosen few’ could do.. Oh how mistaken I was. Jake has taught me how to sing from scratch. I arrived a complete novice, but I now have a vocal range of just over an octave. The exercises I have done with Jake have not only trained my voice & given me control over my breathing and sound.. But also developed my ear. I can actually hear what to sing of my own accord, which is such a valuable ability to have when being a singer.
Steve Date: October 2013
"Before I came on Vocalwise I couldn't sing for more than 2 hours with out losing my voice. Now I can do three nights a week and still feel like I can do more. Great Course and a great teacher." Steve singer songwriter

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