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Artist Michelene-Philippe Heyne Date: May 2012
"Suzi Burgerova changed my life...not only was she able to 'give' my voice back to me, but she also allowed my confidence to grow both in my singing and in my personal life. Suzi is honest, methodical and as far as I am concerned a miracle worker. I've had many excellent teachers in my life...and a few awful ones along the way, but Suzi understands the very delicate balance and harmony between the body, mind and soul, which is a very rare quality. She is a strict teacher, but knows how to draw the best qualities from her students. I will continue to work with Suzi to enhance my vocal capacity and strongly recommend her to anyone with a dream to succeed in the music industry."
Parents of Holly Hull (Phantom Of The Opera, Les Miserable, West End Kids) - Steve and Debbie Date: May 2012
"Our daughter Holly has been coached by Suzi for 15 months now and it has been a very rewarding experience. Suzi is friendly, knowledgeable and patient with her students and as a result Holly has grown in confidence and self-belief, so much so that she now believes she has the talent to make a career in music. We would highly recommend Suzi to all singers who wish to fulfill their potential"
Artist Danni Brace Date: May 2012
"As a trained classical singer I have had a number of singing and vocal tutors and Suzi has by far been the best! She has helped me to understand the different tones, positioning and pitches of my voice, provided me with many new warm up techniques, the ability to develop backing vocal ideas, to release how far I can push myself and how to pace myself. Not only has she helped to develop my vocals but she has also helped to create The Artist in me! She has had a hand in building my confidence and for that I am truly grateful! I have learned a lot from Suzi and will continue to build on everything she has taught me"

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