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Mr James Kirsch
Mr James Kirsch
Scott: Acoustic guitarist Date: November 2018
"James builds the guitar lessons around MY choice in music; he takes recordings and breaks them down to a level I can play. This made leaning the guitar enjoyable from the first guitar lesson, and gave me the encouragement I needed to progress substantially over the coming months. James is a great guitar teacher and I recommend him strongly."
Jesper: Heavy metal guitarist Date: November 2018
"James is a brilliant guitar teacher! After just a year I have learnt to play songs that I thought would take at least 10 years to learn! At first I didn't even know how to hold a guitar properly, but the guitar lessons with James made me so much better, so much faster than I expected :) I enjoy James' guitar lessons a lot; he is friendly, clever, and funny! Whilst playing a song that he is teaching, he explains how the notes fit together and explains what kind of mood and effect each chord has. James is a good guitarist, a good person, and is strongly recommended! "
Inti: Acoustic guitarist and Singer/Songwriter Date: November 2018
"I really enjoyed my time with James, and felt that he was very committed to working with my preferences as a student. With a well honed ability of different techniques and styles he was able to give me a strong grounded education"
Kass:Bass player and Singer/Songwriter Date: November 2018
"James is a very friendly, technically brilliant guitar teacher with intuitive powers that brought out my musical ability in the most amazing way. He took my bass guitar playing and singing to another level."
Victor: Electric guitarist Date: November 2018
"When I first started playing guitar I had no clue what to do whatsoever and I didn't even know how to hold it properly. As soon as I started taking guitar lessons with James my playing and enjoyment of the guitar grew fast. He always tries to cater to my style and what I want to play while making sure my rhythm and technique is correct and that I am making progress. When we learn songs he will always explain how its all working, e.g how the chords work together, what keys to use when soloing, the rhythmic nuances etc. All this is described in detail yet simplified so someone who canít read music like myself will understand."

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