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Mr Nick Brown
James Date: August 2012
"If you are a beginner, or even an advanced guitar player, I would strongly recommend Nick Brown as a teacher. I have been playing guitar for nearly ten years now and Nick was the first teacher I had. Since then I have moved to London and have had many of the top London musicians teach me, as I go to the ICMP University of Music there, and all of them are fantastic, but Nick truly is one in a million. It was because of my lessons with him that I was able to get a scholarship at one of London's top music schools. Not only is he the best teacher that I've ever had, but he is also a really nice person and going to lessons with him was always a joy." James Neye - August 2012.
Nick Date: October 2012
"Nick has been the most consistent and sought-after guitar tutor in Newport & the surrounding areas for over 20 years. His unique ability to understand his pupils' requirements and patiently work with them to achieve their desired results has contributed to an abundance of local great bands/guitar players. Iíve always been confident when referring clients to him, as their feedback is consistently positive. Nick practices what he preaches, remaining an active gigging and recording musician. As a veteran performer and arranger, his experience and understanding extends to practical Ďliveí advice and includes an excellent guitar set-up service. His approachable nature, coupled with a professional and friendly teaching style never fails to coax out your highest playing abilities. Get the tutor you deserve!" Nick Fowler (Director of Speed Music, Newport) - September 2012.
Toby Date: December 2013
"I first started attending lessons with Nick at the age of 9, I believe, these 10 years have flown by! Since being a guitarist, I have studied with many tutors and they don't get better than Nick! He was always very patient with me if I ever struggled with anything and he made learning theory something to enjoy rather than a chore! If it wasn't for Nick, I would not be in the position I am today, studying at the Bristol Institute of Modern Music. I would highly recommend Nick to any standard of player, he is a true legend!" Toby Evans - April 2013.
Dave Date: February 2016
"Wonderful teacher! Owe the world to this great guy - set me on a long and fulfilling path to rock n roll nirvana. He encouraged and nurtured my playing aged 12 and now 31, I have toured, cut records, managed festivals and met wonderful people and seen great bands." Dave Beer - March 2015.
Steve Date: January 2019
"Highly recommend Nick's lessons. Over the last few years I've really enjoyed his electric guitar tuition. I've improved greatly following his weekly advice. He has commendable attributes for teaching, being particularly patient, passionate, knowledgeable, thorough, friendly and flexible. He is a great guitarist with a particularly good ear and can suss out any song part that you can hear clearly. What ever level you're at you will be in safe hands, have a great time and improve no end. Nick, big thanks! Best Regards Steve Scott." December 2018.
Barry Date: January 2019
"Iíve been playing electric guitar for just over a year and a half now and I am loving every minute of Nickís tuition. I have a very eclectic taste in music, but learning to play the various rock anthems I have loved over the years is an incredible feeling, especially when you can hear the piece forming as you practise. Nick is a fantastic teacher, his ear for music is second to none. If I want to learn a new song, he listens to it on his iPod, then writes the tab out for me, truly astounding! Itís going to be a long journey on a musical road, but I see it as an adventure, with Nick showing me the way, I canít go wrong." Barry Curtis - December 2018.
Mark Date: January 2019
"I have been learning electric guitar with Nick for about 5 years now and I feel I have advanced so much in both skills and confidence. Nicks ethos is about learning to play things you enjoy - which I liked right from the start. He has an excellent knowledge of musical theory but more importantly can explain in in a way that helps me understand. I really look forward to my hour with Nick and would highly recommend him to anyone whether you are just starting to learn or advance your skills and confidence. Thanks Nick for my journey with you - a few miles yet to go together !" Mark Williams - November 2018.

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