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Mr Alex Pidgen
Annette Date: June 2019
Guitar Alex has taught George guitar for over three years. Lessons take place on a one-to-one basis for sixty minutes once a week. Alex is an excellent teacher. He is careful, encouraging and patient. He gets the best out of George by using a near-perfect combination of authority, empathy and humour. I would say that Alex is the best teacher of young children that I have seen in any subject and in any situation. He is effective because he is so engaging. He tries not only to convey facts and techniques but also to explain and contextualise them in a manner to which a 9 year-old boy can relate. That is a rare skill. George passed his initial grade guitar exam (Trinity) in November 2018 with a merit and is now preparing for grade 1. He is starting to play more complex pieces and is progressing well. He practices his guitar with enthusiasm. He looks forward to his lessons and benefits enormously from attending them. I am grateful to Alex for his work with George and I would unhesitatingly recommend him. Singing I started taking singing lessons with Alex earlier this year, with the aims of improving my singing and gaining better control of my voice. Lessons take place on a one-to-one basis for thirty minutes once a week. I have always enjoyed singing, but have been unable to do it in recent years as I am suffering from tension-related dysphonia. Having completed a course of speech therapy to strengthen my voice, I am now working with Alex on developing techniques to sing and use my voice without putting strain on it. Through his background as an operatic singer Alex has a unique understanding of voice-related issues. He teaches me with dedication and sensitivity. It is a lot of fun, and I am starting to see a real improvement. I would recommend Alex as a singing teacher to students of any level.

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