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Mr Carl Bradford
Eunice Date: November 2014
My daughter Amy (10yrs old) started with Carl 9mths ago and has progressed from being a beginner to learning grade 3 level within such a short time. Carl is a wonderful and supportive teacher who also makes playing violin fun. It's amazing the amount of things he can teach my daughter without making her feel pressured. As a result, Amy attained a dinstinction in her first violin exam, all thanks to Carl ' s patience, good eye for detail and hard working ethic. Carl is a true professional in all his dealings and yet he maintains a natural friendship which makes my daughter look forward to every lesson with excitement. I must admit when Amy first started out learning violin it was a mere trial as I felt that we were late on starting her on violin but Carl has brought the best out of my daughter and it's amazing to hear her play so well. I'm very pleased with Carl ' s service all around. Carl keeps me informed of Amy's progress every step of the way and makes recommendations that are tailored to Amy's abilities. Carl has been very committed , reliable and his administration has been very efficient from the day we made contact with him. Carl is flexible and tries to the best of his ability to schedule lessons at a convenient time for us and he goes an extra mile to ensure all other necessary arrangements such as exam bookings and bookings with accompanists are in place which takes the pressure off . We truly appreciate Carl ' s guidance and expertise and would vouch for him at any time as we are all pleased with the violin teaching service he gives to our daughter.
Anne Date: November 2014
Carl is an excellent teacher - I can see the growth in my boy's confidence even after just 1 lesson! He is thorough, skilful and knowledgeable - highly recommended!
Steve Date: November 2014
I have nothing but respect for Carl Bradford and I 100% recommend him for anyone considering learning the violin. I wanted to learn Violin on a casual basis and Carl was happy with this. For me it wasnít about learning certain grades, it was about trying to learn a new hobby that will keep me entertained. As a student Iím busy certain weeks and during some times of the year, I cannot afford to have regular lessons. Carl perfectly understood and gave me additional material to learn for the week that I didnít see him. Iíve had problems in the past where a music teacher will want you to have a lesson every week no matter what and will be almost forceful whereas with Carl you are in control with how regular you have lessons. His teaching techniques focus on playing the violin correctly so he will pick up on the smaller points that some teachers would miss or not correct the pupil on. Although still a novice I feel confident that I have a great teacher and I will be able to look back in the future and say I can play the violin because I was taught correctly. Iíd finally like to point out Carl is great with timings. This is both prior and during the lessons. Heís always dead on time to lessons and on the one time when traffic was bad, he let me know that he was running as little as 3 minutes late. He then gives you a full hour lesson and doesnít waste time or try to cut you 5 or 10 minutes short. If you want to learn the violin then come to Carl. Steve Adamson

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