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Mr Nathan Wallington
Hal Date: February 2020
Nathan has helped me develop my drumming and music reading for about three and a half years now. In that time I have been able to achieve a GCSE grade standard and am continuing onto higher grades with Nathan. I am very happy with how productive the lessons have been, and I'm always learning something new in Nathans lessons. I couldn't recommend a better place to go if you want to learn the drums whether you are just starting out or want to explore the more complex techniques available later down the line.
Rozi Date: February 2020
During lessons there is a friendly atmosphere, where learning new things goes hand in hand with having a great time. I thoroughly enjoy each session, currently working on my grades I still have time to spend on developing other crucial elements of drumming like technique and coordination. I especially like the choice I have. At no point am I forced into anything and because of this I respect Nathan and also look forward to each lesson. There is no pressure and what you put into drumming outside of sessions is entirely up to you, equally how much you learn is too. I would recommend Nathan due to him being a fantastic teacher who is easy going, easy to get on with and easy to have a very rewarding lesson with. Thanks to him my first grade exam went really well, I wasnít too nervous regardless I didnít know exactly how it was going to turn out. I passed with distinction. You donít have to do your grades though, it is down to you what you focus lessons on, or even break them up into different areas of focus. On the whole I am thoroughly glad Nathan teaches me because I have consistent and rewarding lessons with him.
Sonny Date: February 2020
Nathan is definitely a five star, 10/10 teacher. He is an unbelievable drummer and inspires me to always try my best and go for all the opportunities I can. While he teaches me, I can tell he enjoys drums any day and loves sharing his incredible abilities with all his students. I always look forward to my lessons with Nathan, because when he teaches me something he is able to explain how to do rhythms in such a way, so I can understand the timing, style and how to use it my own drumming anytime. My lessons are full of laughs, smiles and helpful advice on all of my questions. It turns out Nathan is as good a teacher as I say he is, as I have got distinctions for all of my exams so far and 94/100 recently in November for my Trinity Grade 4!
Katalin Date: February 2020
Nathan is very reliable, dedicated, conscientious and has a good sense of humour. We approached several tutors before finding him, and none of them wanted to accept our daughter on the basis that she is left-handed. Nathan however had no problem with teaching a left-handed pupil. This in itself is a strong recommendation, I think, and shows that he is open minded and ready to adapt his approches to the need of his pupil. My daughter completed 3 grades with Nathan; Grade 1, 3 and 4. 1 and 3 with Distinction and 4 with a very high Merit (Trinity College exams). The Merit was due to the fact that my daughter had a bad knee injury and for a long time she couldn't practice. So it was not Nathan's fault that she didn't get a Distinction at that time. Nathan himself is an excellent drummer even though he is still young. Despite of his young age he takes his teaching very seriously and achieves great results. I have complete trust and confidence in Nathan and had no problem with letting him to have one-to-one sessions with my daughter. I am very happy to recommend him, and wish him well both in his career as a musician and as a drum tutor.

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