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Mrs Laura Boon
Emily Date: October 2017
I had singing lessons with Laura for approximately a year before she moved away, and that is the only reason they ceased. I have a very questioning mind and Laura has always been able to not only give sound advice about how to use my voice to its best ability but also to elaborate on the physiology to help me grasp why, which is deeply satisfying. I have become a far more efficient and confident singer under her tutelage. Musicians I work with have commented on the significant improvement in the command I have of my voice and my stage presence. I miss her lessons very much and envy singers in her locale who can benefit from such a dynamic and motivating teacher.
Poppy Date: October 2017
Singing lessons with Laura were hugely enjoyable and informative. We worked on several different singing styles and she was able to immediately pinpoint areas that needed working on in a positive and encouraging way. I would recommend singing lessons with Laura to anyone, young or old, beginner or confident singer.
Sabrina Date: May 2018
My voice has really improved since working with Laura. She is so kind and patient, and a lot of fun to work with. Shes taught me so much! Im always in a really good mood after my lesson, as she makes me feel really confident about my singing!
Ian Date: May 2018
After only a couple of months of lessons with Laura my band mates were commenting on my improvement (without knowing I was having lessons). Laura has a good knowledge of the science behind producing a good sound with the voice, and mixes this well with musicality. Would recommend.

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