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Mr Seb Gutiez
Mr Seb Gutiez
Joda Date: March 2018
I was a pupil of Seb's for 8 years since I was 10 years old. He is without doubt the best teacher I've had. His passion for guitar is clear in his playing and it is a quality that few teachers posess and can inspire their pupils with. Being a performing and recording musician in multiple bands for years gives him a rare insite into the industry and knowledge only formed from that kind of experience. He's taught me more than just how to play the instrument, but to create, compose, and work with other musicians, to feel the music and put expression into it. In the many hours I've spent with seb over the years his teaching has been invaluable and without it I wouldn't be the guitarist or person I am today. Joda
Sue Date: March 2018
After my son broke his right arm in an accident when he was 8, Sebastian began teaching him to play the acoustic guitar - really as a kind of physiotherapy. But the broken arm was soon forgotten as Sebastian's talent and infectious enthusiasm for guitar tuition took over.... and after mastering the acoustic guitar, next came the electric guitar which was played non stop, with Sebastian cleverly introducing classic and contemporary rock music to practice. I can honestly say that thanks to Seb, the love for guitar playing and guitar music will never leave my sons life, and it is a talent that he will always have. Thank you Seb ! Sue Hugo’s mum
Toby Date: March 2018
"Couldn't ask for a more inspirational teacher. I miss his teaching style - it's one of the best ever. Toby Lloyd. Aged 13
Lesley Date: March 2018
Seb has been teaching guitar to our pupils for many years now. He is patient, gentle and encouraging with the younger pupils and his friendly, easy-going personality enables them to learn without pressure and allows them to be involved in choosing their music. We hear everything from 'Ode to Joy' to 'Smoke on the Water'! Seb's own great talent means that he can quickly adapt and jam to keep pace and/or support each child as they play. Seb willingly comes into school on different days to organise showcase sessions when our pupils can play to the rest of the school and their parents, to build their confidence and gain experience in performing. Seb's encouragement means that even the youngest children feel a sense of accomplishment and pride when they play at a showcase. He is a fantastic asset to our school and a great character! Lesley Barton

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