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Mr Joseph Milton
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A late bloomer when it comes to music, I wasnít afforded the luxury of musical parents and piano lessons from a young age. It wasnít until age 13, after years of over exposure to 80ís pop saxophone soloís from artists such as Supertramp, Meatloaf and Sting and the Police, that I plucked up the courage to ask my music teacher if I could playÖ..the trombone.

Luckily, they didnít have a trombone to loan me, but they did have a beat up old alto Sax held together in a delicate web of elastic bands and tape. So I took it home and have never looked back.

Professional music life

I graduated university after completing one of the few music and instrumental teaching degrees in the country, which focused on practical music education. During this time I had the opportunity to run a number sessions with big bands saxophone ensembles as well as observe some of the finest teaching and musical education

Following this, I then spent a number of years working for the music service as a woodwind specialist and performing nationally in a selection of working function and original bands.

My my performance career has included support for international pop artists and slots at jazz festivals, although my favourite musical moment must have be taking a solo on a gig up in the pyrenees mountains.

I believe professional development and learning never stops, and since graduating I have become and accredited coach and I am currently taking a masters degree in education.

teaching philosophy

A great educator will take a holistic and dynamic approach to music lessons. This is why I have spent a decade on crafting skills as a teacher, coach and trainer to ensure that my students always get the most out of their time with me.

In 'teacher mode' we'll look at music theory and technical aspects of music making. Largely instructor led, this is the bit where I get to impart all of the raw knowledge I've gained over the years from the importance of 1959 in the evolution of Jazz, the finer points of modal interchange in Pop music, through to why and when to use a synthetic saxophone reed.

In 'trainer mode' we assume the role of the classic sports personal trainer and this is where the real grafting happens. We'll cover exercises, repertoire, timing, groove, playing over backing tracks vs live bands, creating crystal clear altissimo high notes and lushious sub-tone low notes. This part is also called 'shedding' and we'll work on getting 'killer chops'.

The coaching part of the trinity of music education is my absolute favourite, as it is student led and instructor guided. This happens throughout the learning process and covers everything from setting effective goals, self evaluating progress, deciding how best to move forward and being truly accountable for your development as a musician.

what you can expect from lessons with me?

You will be playing music that makes you want to play, and that you get the most enjoyment out of. We'll geek out on your favourite tunes and choice of reeds, and make sure your musical journey is as unique as you are.

Do you need advice on purchasing an instrument new or second hand? How about a new mouthpiece? Out gigging and need advice on which microphone to buy? Let me know, I'd be happy to help.

Contact Joseph

Address: 10 New England Road
Sussex (East)
Phone: 01273 569061
Fee (45 minutes): £35.00

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