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Mrs E Chivers
Sue Date: May 2014
Elizabeth has that rare gift of not only having a talent in her own chosen profession but is also able to enthuse and encourage others less gifted, the sign of a true teacher. Liz works with our choir as a group and then, depending on individual choice, will work with individuals and their chosen piece on technique, interpretation and performance of their song. I was not willing to perform a solo item, being too self-conscious, during the first workshop but was content to listen to others and to learn from Liz’s comments. Something that really struck me was how much each performance improved during what was a comparatively few minutes with Liz’s encouragement on points of technique and delivery. Also all those who were brave enough to put themselves forward said how inspirational, encouraged and helpful they found it to have the opportunity to work with Liz. Last year, however, I decided to bite the bullet and perform a performance song, half sung and half spoken. Having the opportunity and privilege to work with Liz was far too good an opportunity to miss second time around. So with heart in my mouth (and stomach there too) I stood up in front of the choir and with Liz right there in front of me I began. I can honestly say that from the first moments I forgot everyone else in the room. There was just Liz and me and I felt so safe. There I was exposing myself and my inhibitions and doubts for everyone to see and hear but as far as I was concerned the only people in the room were Liz and me. I do not know how she did it but she made me feel as if I was worth listening to and merited her attention and help. I can only go by what the MD of our choir said afterwards that my performance had improved so much after Liz had worked with me, because it seemed as if what I actually sang was far less important than the feeling of being taken on a journey of self-discovery made possible by Liz’s inspiration and belief in what I had to offer.
Lesley Date: May 2014
I have had some singing lessons and master classes with Elizabeth and I have attended her workshops for choirs. These have been informative, inspiring and enjoyable. Her workshops focus on different techniques in singing, particularly breathing, and then expands them into the whole performance of a piece. She is able to encourage people to believe in themselves and therefore use her techniques to improve the sound of the voice and the choir as a whole. Elizabeth believes that everyone has potential and on a one to one basis encourages this while teaching the basics of singing. The result is a much improved sound and the confidence to produce that sound. The lessons I have had with her have inspired me to improve and try out various kinds of music to sing.
Elaine Date: May 2014
Through working with Elizabeth Chivers I have gained inspiration and the confidence to perform solos with not only the ladies choir of which I am a member but have recently been invited to sing as guest soloist with a local male voice choir. I was raised in a musical environment and eventually joined a local ladies choir in 1972 for approximately 8 years. Following this I had not sung for at least 35 years until I once again joined a ladies choir in 2010 at the age of 63 and came into contact with Elizabeth when she carried out a workshop with the choir. Although I had a somewhat pleasing but immature sounding voice I always felt I had more to give and it was when Elizabeth worked with me on a one-to-one basis that the quality of sound I was producing greatly improved in a very short space of time. She had the ability to make me feel I was the only person in an otherwise crowded room. Her method of teaching was such that I was able to quickly learn techniques that improved my breathing and also the quality of sound that I was able to produce. With her encouragement my confidence and self-esteem has grown to such an extent that I now love to sing solos especially songs that require passion and feeling. She has taught me how to ‘tell the story’ and relate to an audience while providing me with the satisfaction of knowing that I am making a pleasing sound and communicating through song. Elaine Miller Soprano with Mabe Ladies Choir

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