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Miss Karen Jolliffe
Ashley Date: August 2018
"Karen is an excellent teacher who is incredibly patient and knows how to get the best out of you."
Andy Date: August 2018
"We were looking for a specialist children's music teacher and were lucky enough to find Karen Ė she's been teaching our daughter (6) violin and piano for a couple of years and she absolutely loves it. She is very patient and makes the lessons fun and pitched at just the right level for them to progress. She's recently started teaching our son (4) as well and has a fantastic relationship with them both."
Chloe Date: November 2019
Karen knows exactly how to find my capabilities and develop them to their fullest potential, far beyond what I think myself capable of! I am very grateful to have Karen as my teacher. She teaches with such care and dynamism, always attentive to detail to make the lessons as helpful, enjoyable, inspiring as possible!
Dayyan Date: November 2019
Karen is a very good teacher and helps me learn difficult passages in an easy way. She also gives tips to help with my intonation (especially in scales). I would fully recommend Karen as a violin teacher. In addition, she can also teach viola and piano and is very talented!
Hedvig Date: November 2019
I couldn't have hoped for a better teacher for my son who is now 9 and has been having lessons from the age of 7 with Karen. Listening in on the lessons, I am always truly amazed by how consistently good humoured and patient Karen is when teaching. This is just the kind of encouragement my son has needed - he has a little bit of ADHD coupled with mild autism, and Karen has been fantastic about keeping him focused and motivated. I think he leaves every lesson feeling he has achieved something and made progress. She has also always been very well-atuned to what his particular strengths and interests in music are, and adapting the lessons accordingly. I am almost tempted to take up the violin myself, just to have lessons with her!
Anushka Date: November 2019
Karen, I have always loved being taught by you because you share your love and passion for violin with all your students and you always treat every one of us with the exact same love and care. What I admire most about you is your patience and determination. You always do your best to help me understand thing and you will not budge until I am confident in what I play! My confidence level has gone from 0 to 100 throughout the years I have spent with you. The thing I love most about is how in every lesson no matter what, you never fail to make me smile and I always learn something new and exciting with you. Thank you for helping me embrace my strengths in violin and nurture my weaknesses.
Alice Date: November 2019
Karen is just fantastic; so fantastic! My daughters absolutely love to be her students. Luisa (age 6.5) has been with Karen for nearly 2 years on violin. Karen is super professional (her playing could always cheer me up), so patient with little ones, and kids feel confident with no pressure. Violin is not an easy instrument for a very young age, but with Karen there is no doubt they will enjoy learning it. My younger daughter Lucia (age 5), has just started viola with Karen. She couldn't wait to learn!
Amelie Date: November 2019
A quote from my daughter -'Karen is a patient, kind and fun teacher!'. She has bee teaching my daughter violin for nearly 4 years, from the age of 7, and she is now on grade 3. I can't recommend Karen enough!
David Date: November 2019
As a mature beginner with the violin I have been extremely fortunate to find Karen. She is a dedicated, supportive and enthusiastic teacher who not only inspires but also encourages me to do the best I can. With Karenís patient help Iíve made it through the first 4 grades and Iím looking forward to conquering the next 4.

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