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Mrs ANNA BACON, MA (Cantab)
Mrs ANNA BACON, MA (Cantab)
Joji Date: October 2020
5* "Superb teacher" My eight year old daughter has been learning the violin from Anna for about a year and my wife and I are extremely pleased with the progress she has made. Having learned the piano from various teachers when I was a child, I feel many teachers find it difficult to build a sound foundation in young kids before the pieces become more and more difficult – sooner or later, the poor foundation catches up to you and you hit a ceiling (as was the case with myself!). Anna has done a great job at building my daughter’s foundation. She has high standards and expectations, but at the same time, she knows when it is time to move on. The same technique would be covered in different ways, and I have been surprised to see how my daughter would be able to play previously-difficult passages much better when revisiting it after a few months. She mixes in theory and performance techniques in a very natural manner as well. She also encourages the creative side, sending music scores (sometimes written by herself!) for popular tunes that my daughter tries to play on the violin – this has been a great fun. Anna’s feedbacks are meticulous; her notes after the class provide a summary of an achievable number of action points. It has been a great joy for me that I can now play pieces together with my daughter. We are very lucky to have Anna and would recommend her to any dedicated student. October 27, 2020
F Z Date: October 2020
5* Anna is simply a brilliant tutor that we are very lucky to find. She is super organized and obviously has done lots of preparations before each lesson. She is also very calm and approachable so my daughter immediately felt that she could be open to her about any questions she might have. I would really recommend Anna for anyone who would like to have a whole package of high standard tutorials. 18th October, 2020
Aurélie Date: September 2020
5* Anna really is the whole by package! on September 12, 2020 Anna is a wonderful music teacher. She started giving music theory lessons to my daughter during the Covid lockdown. All lessons were online making it all the more challenging to create a teacher-pupil connection. But Anna managed that within a couple of lessons! Her teaching methods are excellent. She knows how to pick the interest of young students, she knows how to keep them focused, she can find the right words for everything, and she somehow uses the right degree of firmness whenever required to ensure that the lessons are as efficient as can be, whilst remaining enjoyable. My daughter is looking forward to each and every lesson and is always so proud to report back that “Miss Anna was pleased with my work today!” I have the worst childhood memories of my music theory lessons. I wish there had been a Miss Anna for me back then.
Matthew Date: June 2020
5* Highly recommended! Anna is the "real deal"… the perfect mix of enthusiasm, encouragement and attention to detail combined with just the right amount of firmness (with both pupil and parent!). Every lesson is packed with careful feedback and new content. Her comprehensive practice notes have been invaluable in ensuring my son's practice is productive. I have been amazed at her commitment to support my son during the Covid-19 lockdown, continuing lessons on Skype and providing email / text feedback in between lessons. Were it not for Anna, my son would not be enjoying his violin as much as he is or making such great progress.
Linda Date: May 2019
5* Anna has an inspiration to my daughter. She is dedicated, enthusiastic, patient and very knowledgeable. Her attention to detail is superb and she is able to translate her passion of the instrument to pupils in a caring and focused way. I would not hesitate to recommend her
Nahed Date: May 2019
5* Anna has been teaching violin to our daughter for two years now. Nina is looking forward to every lesson and comes out with a big smile on her face. Her confidence has developed tremendously. More than teaching violin, Anna shares her love of music with Nina which is a true gift.
Cn Date: May 2019
5* We have been extremely pleased with Anna--she is reliable, caring and clearly dedicated to music. She makes each lesson personal, responding to the student's ability and learning style. She is inspiring and her excitement for the violin is infectious.

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