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Ms Stephanie Zallik
Ms Stephanie Zallik
Nicki Date: August 2015
Steph is a patient, relaxed teacher who is able to tailor her teaching to the individual, providing just the right level of stretch and challenge whilst ensuring that the lessons are fun.
Sally Date: January 2017
Steph has been teaching our son, age 7, for just over a year now. She has a brilliant sense of the balance between hard work and kindness and encouragement. He greatly enjoys his lessons with her and has come on so much in one year. She is enthusiastic, but also calm and very able herself as a musician. She knows just how to help him progress and we particularly enjoy her annual showcases where you can see your own children playing alongside the full range of her other students. In my son's own words: 'She's a good teacher because she's comforting. She thinks of good times to start a new piece of music. I like my lessons.'
Sarah Date: January 2017
My daughter likes Steph's lessons because "she's really good at explaining stuff and she lets you do what you want to do and decide what pieces you want to play". I really appreciate Steph's sensitivity to how the children are and what they need at each lesson, and I'm blown away by how she manages to be kind, supportive and funny while maintaining a really rigourous musical standard. Steph is easily the best music teacher we have had.
Barbara Date: January 2017
Steph has been teaching both my children piano for several years now, and now my son has gone on to college I've taken up his lesson slot. Both my children have come on leaps and bounds in their piano playing and their musical knowledge with Steph. She is a lovely teacher. It is always clear what to practise between lessons which are fun and just at the right level for each student. It is also great bonus being able to have lessons at home. I highly recommend Steph as a teacher for children and also for adults like me, going back to basics.
Nicola Date: January 2017
Steph has taught all three of my daughters for over 7 years. I was recommended Steph for my daughter, Maya, who has Down Syndrome and I wanted a teacher who had a teaching method that suited a child with special needs. Maya adores her lessons with Steph and her lessons are based on improvisation which gives Maya the ability to create music in her own style. She is now able to recognise and read basic music and is taught by Steph with such patience, understanding and laughter so that Maya gets full enjoyment and encouragement throughout her lesson. My other daughter has reached Grade 4 and has only ever been taught by Steph. Although she is just hitting her teens and determined to do as little as possible to get by, Steph encourages her with adapting to her needs and requirements yet with an underlining understanding of what is required of her during the week and how to keep her interested. We owe the sounds of music in our house to Steph yet above all, she has become a good friend and we all, me included, look forward to the weekly lessons.
Maude Date: January 2017
Stephanie is a brilliant piano teacher. She is such a lovely person. I love playing our own stuff as well as pop music and music from musicals such as The Sound Of Music. It's always fun and different every week, and that's what I love about our lessons.
Denise Date: July 2019
Steph is a great teacher. She strikes a good balance between having fun in the lesson as well as giving structure and direction to use the half an hour effectively. Our 7 year-old has made great progress and remains enthusiastic, which I think is an excellent result!
Sonya Date: July 2015
Steph is a teacher in a million she manages to keep the balance just right between strict and serious and fun and enjoyable. She understands the children so well and can see what makes them tick and how to teach them all in ways that suit them. I have 4 children learning with Steph and they are all very different she knows how to manage each one and how to play to their strengths. She has always supported them with patience and encouragement and just the right amount of firmness, and has also been patient with me when family life gets busy and schedules need to be rearranged! We would warmly recommend her.
Sally Date: July 2015
Steph has been teaching my special needs son piano for over four years now and has built up a fantastic relationship with him. She has made every effort to tailor lessons to his strengths and has always made them a good mix of fun and learning. My son can easily feel challenged by anxiety and frustration and Steph is very sensitive to this; he enjoys his sessions immensely and has gained far more from them than just technique! I really cannot recommend Steph highly enough.
Virginia Date: July 2015
I feel very lucky to have found Steph Zallik to teach me piano. I very briefly had a teacher before but didn't feel that I was progressing, and so was a bit nervous about trying to learn again but needn't have been! Steph has been really patient and very encouraging since day one and has given me the confidence to want to work towards Grade 1. I feel that she teaches in a very intuitive way and that the lessons and exercises are perfect for me/my style of learning and practising and so this has been very helpful. She is super reliable and has high standards but also has a kind, easy-going and friendly manner and I would recommend her 100% to anybody who wanted to learn or improve. She has already given me ideas for things to do with my little son to encourage him to enjoy making music and I hope that one day he will learn as well. Thanks so much Steph!
Simon Date: July 2015
Steph has been teaching both of our children piano for three years, and we would recommend her as a teacher very highly. She teaches very sensitively and according to their temperament. I think she finds a very good balance between gentleness and discipline, and encourages them to perform as early as possible through the concerts she organises, which helps build their confidence. Thank you Steph!
Milla Date: July 2015
Steph makes it easy to learn music even if it's hard. She is very kind and positive and she always has a smile on her face. She makes me feel confident and the lessons are fun.

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