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Mrs Nathalie Plews BMus (Hons) LRSM GTP
Mrs Nathalie Plews BMus (Hons) LRSM GTP
Caroline Date: December 2014
Nathalie has taught the violin to two of my daughters from beginner level. She is very professional and extremely dedicated and thorough. With Nathalie's guidance and encouragement, my daughters have established firm foundations and made great progress. We are very pleased. Caroline, Beaconsfield
Kim Date: August 2015
Nathalie has taught me the viola since I started 5 years ago. As a teacher she is very thorough, ensuring that you have firm foundations before challenging you with further repertoire. Not only has she helped me to achieve a distinction in my grade 5 viola, she also taught my sister and myself grade 6 theory and aided us with our GCSE compositions and exam revision, helping us both to achieve A* grades. Finally, Nathalie is very professional but is also friendly and approachable and I am very sad to be leaving her.
Mr & Mrs B Date: December 2016
Nathalie, has been a great teacher for our daughter. She is very thorough and professional. We only wish we had known about her sooner and could have had her as our daughter's violin teacher. Mr & Mrs B
Grace Date: January 2017
Grace enjoyed her violin lessons and has learnt a lot in the short time she was with you as her teacher. Sincerely hoping that a door can be left open to resume her interest, after her break, at a later date. Thank you for all your hard work. Penny
Susie Date: October 2017
My daughter has learnt the viola for 4 years with Nathalie and we have had to leave to focus on the final year of A levels. My daughter learnt through different styles of music and built up a good technique which helped her achieve her grades. Nathalie also helped my daughter gain her grade 5 theory. Nathalie has been a great support and motivated my daughter to progress well in her playing. All the best, Mrs Foster.
Mrs Sundar Date: October 2017
Only good things to say about Nathalie. She has been super easy to learn with. The lessons are structured really well and have been great at giving my daughter a lot more confidence in learning a new instrument. Nathalie is an absolutely outstanding teacher, as well as being reliable, friendly, punctual and committed. In my case, she spotted my daughter's early signs of wrong habits, corrected them with enormous patience. Her teaching was vigorous and precise, accompanied by her genuine affection for each individual and her innate love for the music in general and the violin in particular. A nice balance between sight-reading practice, theory and practical aspects which move along at a nice pace without feeling overwhelming. My daughter's progression through the grades is a reflection of the wonderful chemistry with Nathalie. It is a shame we could not continue any further due to us moving out of High Wycombe. We were ever so grateful for her support throughout. I recommend her most highly to any aspiring violinist. Narmadha
Nigel Date: February 2019
I am a mature student who took up the violin for the third time after a 19 year gap. I chose Nathalie because of her qualifications and experience which I felt would help me get back up to speed. I am a very slow learner and find that Nathalie is very relaxed and tolerant of mistakes. When I find certain techniques difficult, Nathalie is very good suggesting practice techniques which really do work.
Jacqui Date: April 2019
My daughter has had lessons with Nathalie for nearly 2 years. She refound her enjoyment of the viola and passed her Grade 4 during this time. We only stopped lessons due to GCSE exam pressure this term. Nathalie also helped enormously with my daughters GCSE music course, helping with the theory and also recording her ensemble piece with her. Nathalie is dedicated, enthusiastic and a lovely person for anyone to enjoy lessons with, thank you.
Mr Edwards Date: May 2013
Nathalie has been my son Tom's teacher for 5+ years. He achieved Gde 5 & 7 violin & gde 5 viola, all Distinctions; gde 7 viola booked for July!! She has been not only a great technical teacher but a fantastic motivator of a teenage boy, who had become disillusioned with his previous teacher. He plans to do Grde 8 in both instruments in the next 18 months before he sits his A levels. With Nathalie we are confident!
Harj Date: November 2013
Nathalie Plews has been teaching my daughters violin from the age of just four and has also taught one of them GCSE music which she sat last summer. Nathalie is a great teacher and we have been very pleased as we have moved together successfully through the grades and also GCSE music . Mrs D
Susan Date: April 2013
Nathalie is an excellent teacher and musician who has the ability to impart to her pupils both her love of the violin and the demanding technique needed to play it. She has high standards which she achieves through an encouraging and pleasant manner. My daughter has enjoyed being taught by Nathalie over the last 6 years and will be sad to leave her when she goes to university.

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