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Mr Simon Green
Mr Simon Green
Ani Date: September 2019
Simon started teaching me how to play the Alto Sax, February 2019. Simon has been very patient and professional. He has given me a lot of confidence and he is always flexible when it comes to scheduling a session around my tight itinerary. Simon makes every session interesting, as he teaches you the sax around the songs and genre you enjoy. Thanks to Simonís sessions and encouragement, I can play all the scales and I can play a songs with confidently and I am learning how to improvise and play by ear. I am having my first gig this September where I will be playing 3 songs. I highly recommend Simon to anyone out there who is a beginner and anyone who is learning to improve their skills on the sax.
Lilly & Ella Date: July 2020
My daughter Lilly started learning to play the soprano saxophone September 2019 when she was only 7 years old. She clicked with Simon right from the start and she could not ask for a better teacher. Despite her natural talent, she would not have come so far so quickly without him. Every lesson is so enjoyable and she eagerly awaits the next one. He has always believed in her ability and she has always felt that. He also has amazing patience. Simon also teaches my 5 year old daughter, Ella, the piano. Although she was a bit shy at first, her confidence grew quickly. She feels so at ease with him, loves every lesson and gets just as excited as her sister does for the next one. I would highly recommend Simon to everyone. He truly is an excellent teacher. We are very lucky!
Suzy Date: July 2020
I started lessons with Simon in November 2018 , having never picked up a saxophone In my life .All I had was an overwhelming desire to play it and a passion for music . Simon quickly taught me the basics, he has great communication skills and finds a method to help me learn in a way that I understand . He always listens to my concerns and gives me the confidence to play to the best of my ability . Simon has a real passion and great knowledge for music and playing the sax and this in turn rubs off on me . Our lesson is always interesting and well structured and the time always flies by.He is friendly and approachable and understands the genre of music that I want to play . At first I really didnít enjoy improvisation, but because of his teaching itís now my favourite thing to do . Simon is a fantastic teacher because he understands each student is unique and tailorís his teaching style to bring out the best in them .He has given me so much confidence in playing the sax I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND him .

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