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Mr Flavio Matani
Frances Date: January 2018
I have been learning to play the classical guitar with Flavio Matani for two years and feel as enthusiastic about the experience as when I first began. Progress has been steady, each stage allowing a sense of achievement brought about by guidance in ways of practising and by setting pieces that stretch mind and hands. Learning to play the guitar with Flavio thoroughly recommended.
Roger Date: January 2018
I have been taking lessons with Flavio for some time. They have been unfailingly enjoyable and I have learnt an enormous amount, about music generally as well as the guitar. I would recommend him without hesitation.
Patrick Date: January 2018
You probably don’t remember but one of the first pieces you taught me was the beautiful acoustic “is there anybody out there” I was in awe and thought my fingers will never be able to play that,then came Brouwer. Before I knew what was happening I was playing the lead from comfortably numb and working on Steve Vai, Van Halen, Johnny Marr and John Dowland! (more to come…)

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