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Ms Lisa Byrnes
Ms Lisa Byrnes
Virginia Date: October 2020
'Within 2 lessons Lisa had given me really helpful exercises that addressed issues I had struggled with on my vowel sounds, her lessons are a great mixture of exercises and repertoire and she has great ideas for putting songs across. Thoroughly recommended!'
Helena Date: October 2020
Lisa is a kind and patient teacher with a breadth of knowledge and passion for music. She has helped me to improve my singing technique and grow in confidence as a performer. She creates a positive environment and I feel fortunate to learn from her expertise.
Ana Date: October 2020
Our daughter started lessons with Lisa when she was 13 years old. We were looking for an enthusiastic teacher who would share the passion for music and singing with her. At the same time, we wanted Lisa to work with her towards the ABRSM exams as, in that way, she would have a clear goal to work towards. Lisa was confident that she could enter her in Grade 3 of the ABRSM straight away and we begun with the lessons. Lisa's teaching and instruction have been engaging, dynamic and hugely enjoyable. With Lisa, our daughter has achieved two distinction grades in the ABRSM exams to date (Grade 3 and then Grade 5) and, most of all, she has had so much fun and has enjoyed the entire process. Thank you Lisa!
Gail Date: April 2017
I was nervous about booking singing lessons but having found Lisa Byrnes I really wish I had started years earlier! Apart from being a fabulous mezzo soprano, Lisa is a talented and inspirational teacher. Her enthusiasm and encouragement make her pupils feel confident and happy about their voices. Her love of music is infectious and her expert knowledge of all types of music impressive. Lisa is positive at all times. She approaches singing difficulties with tips and techniques that can produce truly astonishing results and always provide solutions. I am an amateur, ageing choral singer but Lisa has made me feel that my voice can still improve. My lessons (and diva moments!!) with her are uplifting and fun.
Sarah Date: May 2017
I was a complete beginner – I wasn’t even in the choir at school - when I found Lisa three years ago. Now I hold my own and sing with confidence with the semi-choir of a large choral society. Lisa has a beautiful voice herself but never lets me feel intimidated by that. She is unfailingly encouraging and positive - I leave every lesson inspired and excited to sing better. She identifies why I get stuck and then draws on her bottomless well of clever tips and tricks to help me sing well, breathe properly and enjoy my music. She is a joy.

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