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Mrs Eva Hurt
Alexandra Date: December 2017
Lessons with Eva are excellent! She talked me through every note and understood my pace of progress. I will practice and remember all the notes she has taught me.
Lorenzo Date: April 2018
Eva has taught my daughters for over 2 years. She turned to be a very good teacher! Very professional and encouraging. She successfully prepared my older daughter to pass ABRSM piano exam. I highly recommend her as a teacher!
MaryD Date: November 2018
Wonderful Music teacher Eva has taught my seven year old for over a year with a huge amount of patience, commitment and skill. We always look forward to her visits to our home for the lesson and she brings a quiet, calm determination to get on with the task regardless of what else may be going on for us. She has stuck with us through s house move and relocation in that time which has been enormously helpful to us and shows her commitment to her pupils. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a music teacher and consider that anybody having her would be very lucky indeed.
Suleman A. Date: November 2018
Excellent teacher! Eva has been teaching my four children music for the last 4 years. I would describe Eva as extremely professional, very through, punctual and she clearly has a deep passion for her subject area. She is also very thoughtful and always encourages my children to continue to improve their music skills. I would thoroughly recommend Eva to any other parent.
Aga and Adam Date: May 2019
Dear Eva, Thank you for the progress report for both our sons Alek and Jan ages 5 and 8 years old. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent support and piano tuition you have delivered for the last 3 years. We especially value your dedication and a systematic and friendly approach. Our children have been enthusiastic about their weekly lessons and we are very happy to have learnt that Jan has just passed his grade 1 ABRSM piano exam. We regret to be forced to change a teacher which is due to our relocation out of London and the UK. We are grateful for your willingness to collect our boys from their school when we were very busy with work as you gladly helped us when we needed it. We could only recommend your dedication, friendly teaching attitude and simple love to music to any parent interested in having a reliable tutor. We will always remember the concerts you have organised on several occasions so that your pupils could present their skills. We hope we will find and continue the same style piano teaching as yours in our new location.
Hannah Date: February 2020
I have good news that I passed the audition! I will be singing the alto part, as you said my voice is much lower now than it was. Thank you so much for your help with preparation. The Schubert went down really well.
Z Richter- Welch Date: March 2020
My family has had the pleasure of having our young son study piano, music theory, and voice under tutelage of Ms Eva Hurt for two years. Eva is a consummate musician and vocalist, and an incredibly knowledgeable instructor. She is able to bring out the best in her student and foster progress in their musical education through what seems to be a combination of academic precision, gentle patience, and mysterious musical alchemy. As our son has performed in several concerts presented by Eva, we have been able to not only see our own child's growth as a young musician, but have also witnessed the progress of his peers under Eva's tutelage each time. Any student, from the very young to the very mature, would be lucky to study under Eva.
Sylvia Date: August 2015
What I really like about Eva's lessons are relaxing atmosphere, good quality of lessons and frequent homework and assessment.
Mo Date: August 2015
Firstly, Eva is a wonderful singer. Secondly, there's constant progress in my singing. Thirdly, she's also very professional and organized. Also, she believes and loves what she does. Finally, Eva's given me an immense confidence. I actually believe I can sing. In fact she has changed my life for the better. I'm now more confident in everything I do, more honest with myself and generally a better human being. Thank you Eva.
Mary Date: September 2017
I've been studying guitar and theory with Eva for 2 years. She is very patient and encouraging teacher. I can trust her and she is always very professional.
Benedicte Date: August 2015
"We started lessons with our son, 6 years old. Eva is really great! She is very patient and gentle with him so that he really enjoys lessons with her. She makes up some games to introduce him to the music with a fun way."
Antonia Date: August 2015
"The quality of the lessons is really good! I can learn new different songs from recent singers. "
Panayotis Date: August 2015
"The lessons are fun and I always learn new things. Every lesson is excellent!"
Donna Date: August 2015
I have been studying singing with Eva for 1 and half years and I think Eva is a marvelous teacher. She has all the right equipment and she is highly professional. We are even able to do professional recordings at her teaching studio. I gained the ability to: sing in pitch; use my diaphragm; able to release tension; and improve the pronunciation of words.
Ms.Bhon Date: August 2015
My son has had a guitar lessons with Ms.Eva for about 1 year. Ms. Eva shown to me be a very good teacher. She is punctual, has good knowledge of music, and is very enthusiastic about teaching. My son was a bit young when he started the lessons with her (5 years of age), he didn't concentrate on his lessons. Ms.Eva has tried many ways to motivate him. And, she succeeded. She also taught him how to read music notes. My son now plays his guitar with love and understanding and can even write his own music notes. I am very pleased with my son's progress in playing guitar. He will certainly continue to have guitar lessons when we returned to our country at the end of this year.

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