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Miss Alice Allen
Miss Alice Allen
Dave McLean Date: December 2018
“I would thoroughly recommend Alice as a Tutor. She has a natural aptitude as a teacher who gently nudges the player to improve techniques of the left and right hand to produce a better sound. Unlike others who are very prescriptive, Alice is willing to consider the needs of the individual. Even at a young age she has a very wide experience of the repertoire and shared ideas with many preeminent cellists which she shares with clarity and charm.”
Sakshi Pandey Date: December 2018
“I’m an adult beginner and Alice’s lessons are well structured and easy to follow. She is encouraging & patient and has made learning the cello with proper technique such a joy. There’s never a dull moment in her lessons!”
Anne Beech Date: December 2018
“As well as being a wonderful cellist, Alice is also a very gifted teacher. She is excellent at explaining how to deal with the technical challenges of the instrument essential for good sound production and musical expression.”
Julie Williamson Date: December 2018
“I started learning cello just over a year ago after playing Scottish fiddle music for many years. Alice has been able to create a perfectly tailored tuition that builds classical skills, includes practical music theory, and motivates me to practice using the music I am interested in playing. I have been amazed at how well Alice manages my progress and encourages me to continuously improve.”
Romi Madan Date: December 2018
“Alice is a greatly motivating and talented tutor. The passion and positivity she brings to teaching has brought back my love for playing the cello after having lost interest once I left school. By focussing on technique, Alice has enhanced my confidence and skills so I can feel proud of the beautiful sound I can now create playing my cello.”
James Lundy Date: December 2018
“After over 40 years of playing guitar I decided to fulfill a life long ambition to play cello. I was fortunate indeed to discover Alice Allen. Her sheer naked ability as a musician combined with endless patience and pedantic attention to detail, gives all her students the best possible opportunity of success in their musical endeavours. The cello is by far one of the most difficult instruments to master but I look forward to every lesson with Alice, knowing I am just that bit nearer the target of a competent musician. And she is such pleasant company!”
Easha Date: October 2013
Miss Allen is a great teacher and she helped me pass my grade one with a distinction. She encourages you and helps you when you are struggling with your pieces or scales. I really liked Miss Allen as my teacher. I will miss her and be sad to see her go. Easha, aged 8
Verity Date: October 2013
I had some cello lessons with Alice Allen last summer while my regular cello teacher was away. I made noticeable progress and enjoyed the lessons very much. Alice is very enthusiastic and taught me lots of new techniques which have been very useful. I found Alice very friendly and easy to learn from. Verity, aged 15
Giulio Maddalena, aged 30 Date: December 2018
“I started to play the cello, without ever touching it before, with Alice Allen, at the age of 27. In less than two years she helped me to develop a solid foundation, that exceeded my highest expectations! During the cello lessons, I loved more and more the art of learning the instrument; and she helped me to progress in the very best manner. After less than 3 years of cello playing, I now see myself as a cello player, a musician with a bright future; I owe all this to Miss Allen. Friendly, sunny, and careful, I very much recommend her as a cello teacher.”

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