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Mr Darren Black
Mr Darren Black
Joanne Date: November 2019
Darren has been teaching the violin to my 16 year old son for five years, who when asked to describe him said he is an enthusiastic, friendly, extremely musical and calm teacher. His attention to detail has resulted in some great ABRSM exam results so far.
Steve Date: November 2019
Darren Black teaches 3 members of our family the guitar, and has done for approximately 7 years. We have all learnt a great deal from him, he has adapted his teaching style to our different learning strengths and challenges. He is patient and kind with our children, and communicates with us when he feels they are not practising or applying themselves enough. He tries to accommodate requests when we are unable to attend lessons. He is very reliable, always on time, and always ready to help. He has greatly helped our son in his GCSE music preparation.
Karen Date: October 2020
I would highly recommend Darren as your childrenís violin teacher. He taught my son for over 8 years, with outstanding ABRSM test results all the way from Grade 1 to 8 as well as his lifelong passion for music in every aspect. Darren has boundless enthusiasm for music and for exciting his students on their musical journey. He was able to impart his enthusiasm and love of playing the violin onto my son, who enjoyed taking lessons with him from the very beginning, connecting with his warmth and his consistently positive approach through each lesson. Owing to his excellent teaching, my son was selected to play for Hampshire Youth Orchestra for a number of years, as well as having the opportunity to be the only student violinist to play alongside his teachers for school musicals. We miss Darrenís lessons hugely having stopped after passing Grade 8, however I am glad that Darren is still in touch with us sharing his latest music news and offering continuous guidance on my sonís keenness in music composing. Thank you, Darren.
Joe Stephens Date: January 2014
Darren initially came around to give violin lessons to our teenage daughter. He is a great teacher and a wonderful role model for our three children who now all look forward to his visits. Whether itís folk fiddle for your 17 year old daughter, classical violin or Green Day guitar parts for your 13 year old son, or beginner violin and guitar for your 5 year old, Darren does it all really well. He even helped me improve my basic guitar skills before my recent music pilgrimage to Memphis. I highly recommend him to you.
Carolyn Graham Date: January 2014
I decided to learn to play the fiddle/violin in my 40s never having played it before. I asked Darren because I was keen to learn folk fiddle rather than classical violin and he taught both. It wasn't easy learning from scratch but Darren has both taught me classical technique so I get a reasonable tone and found me a selection of folk music from different traditions to expand my repertoire. I would highly recommend him for anyone wanting to learn to play the violin or folk music
Frank Somers Date: January 2014
Darren took me on as a mature self taught fiddle player with bad habits and a deep fear of reading music. A year on, thanks to Darren, I can play music I would never have dreamed of being able to play before and the process has been entirely fun! Learning music shouldn't be like a visit to the dentist, with Darren it's more like visiting a friend
Anna-Marie Date: February 2014
There are so many aspects to learning music, but the most important part to me is gaining a love for music.  When there is this love, then the hard work and daily practice become meaningful.  Darrenís infinite patience and ability to adjust the violin and guitar lessons to my sonís mercurial temperament continue to sustain his love of music.  Since Darren is a songwriter and performing musician, he also provides a creative and insightful approach to different types of music, from classical to folk to pop.  I have been so inspired by his teaching I have taken up violin lessons myself (after a reprieve of many, many years).
Kath Date: September 2014
Darren has been an excellent teacher for my daughter for the last two years, ensuring that she has a secure knowledge of her violin techniques, and that she was well prepared and confident before her exams. His calm and positive teaching style has really helped her to make good progress.
Chris Hampson Date: November 2019
Darren was welcoming and supportive about beginning to play the volin as a retirement project. He is patient and persistant in appropriate proportions, and we progress at a rate which is relevant to my development. I would recomend him to other beginners.
Maddie Date: November 2019
Darren is a passionate and skilled musician and his love of music comes across when he teaches. I enjoyed my lessons and found myself progressing and playing a variety of classical and folk music which kept my interest and inspired me to play and get better at the violin.
Katy Date: October 2020
An inspirational teacher!
Sue O'Donnell Date: January 2014
I was looking for an experienced violin teacher in order to re-teach me classical violin, having been away from it for a number of years after taking my grade 5 exam. I wanted someone who was also a rounded, performing musician with an understanding of musicality and feel, as well as the mechanics of the instrument. Darren is a fantastic teacher who is able to communicate and demonstrate the techniques that are needed.
Bo Zhu Date: January 2014
I think Bowen is lucky to learn violin from you. He has been not just given directions but, more importantly, own space to progress and develop, which has been key to the improvement of his skills. It is also why he can enjoy music more instead of treating the daily practices as boring or repetitive.
Jo Zhou Date: January 2014
When Anlan started taking lessons with Darren, I didnít know what to expect and wasnít sure whether violin was for her. Darren is a brilliant teacher, always very nice and patient, and he made lessons enjoyable and tailored them to meet our needs. My daughter has really enjoyed learning violin from him and has made a big progress since 2 1/2 years ago. I do think we are very lucky to have found him!

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