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Mr Marek Bero
Mira Slama Date: September 2016
"I have been taking lessons from Marek for a long time and every single lesson was superb. Marek makes learning the bass fun and I found it very helpful. He has loads of experience in both studio and live performing. He is an excellent player, enthusiastic about the bass and music in general. All I have learnt from him I found very useful everywhere I played. He always got back to me whenever I had needed a quick help about either instruments or gear! He has a great sense of humour and has lots of patience which is needed to have with me. It is truly wonderful to hear him play and really inspiring. I would recommend Marek to everyone. Either you only want to learn the basics or to become a top class player, he is the right person for you!"
Serg Ronchetti-Carrete Date: September 2016
''I'm lucky enough to have been taught by Marek himself. When i first joined my band Skreamer, he sat with me during our first album recording and showed me just how creative a bassist can be when laying down my parts. It truly opened my eyes! His lessons are always something to look forward to. You always leave full of motivation and hunger to improve. Apart from having a flawless technique to look up to, he's insistent on thinking outside the box at every turn. He pushes you to become not just a better bassist, but a better musician.''
Riccardo Vitale Date: September 2016
''Marek is a cool guy and good teacher that really knows how to engage his students. He can make every exercise more fun and drives the teaching through examples and covers. Very patient and friendly, highly recommended!''

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