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Mrs Kathy Whitehouse
Lu Date: August 2014
Kathy knows her students well and employs a wide range of personal techniques and methods to help pupils understand. Kathy can make connections to an array of areas from physical to emotional skills. - Adult cello pupil
Elaine Date: August 2014
I have always been impressed with Kathy's attention to technique and posture and can spot and correct them quickly. Kathy is accutely aware of hand/arm positioning as children grow. We highly recommend Kathy as a teacher. - Parent of a 10 year old pupil.
Sazan Date: July 2016
My 11 year old son has made a very good progress in his cello playing since Kathy has been teaching him (in the last 12 months), gaining a place at the NCO & NSSO orchestras. Kathy is a great cello teacher with attention to technique. She is very understanding and good with children. She makes the lessons very interesting and my son is always keen to attend. She is also very flexible and helpful to me as a parent. I highly recommend Kathy as a cello teacher.
Maki Date: July 2016
My teenage daughter has been learning the cello with Kathy for nearly two years now, after several years of experience with the piano. In these years Kathy's helped her greatly with the transition period of changing instruments by giving her the right amount of challenges without making her feel as though she'd gone backwards in music. Kathy's a very encouraging teacher, who always has something nice to say about my daughter's performance as well as offering guidance to keep her moving forwards with her technique. She's also very friendly, too!
Alexandra Date: July 2016
As a mature, adult beginner I have found Kathy to be a very supportive and encouraging cello teacher. She is a warm and friendly person who makes lessons fun and interesting. I have made good progress under her guidance.
Martin Date: July 2018
I began leaning cello with Kathy about 12 years ago. I was a mature student and a complete beginner with no formal musical training. Steadily and surely, Kathy took me through the ABRSM grades and I finally took my grade 8 exam three years ago.. I could not have achieved this without Kathy’s warm, supportive approach and first-rate teaching skills. Around a year ago I suffered a stroke and had to relearn much of my cello technique. Again Kathy’s supportive approach helped me to recover my skills .Now I regularly perform live and have found myself in demand on the local Cambridge music scene. I would (and have) recommend Kathy to anyone wanting to learn cello “from scratch” or further develop their cello skills, whether young or mature. I continue to take weekly lessons with Kathy.
Robert Date: July 2018
Kathy has been my cello teacher since the beginning of 2013. i started just being able to play a 2 octave scale and now with Kathy's guidance hope to take grade 7 practical exam at the end of this year. Kathy is a superb cellist. She was taught by the best. She is a fantastic teacher; encouraging, supportive and critical when necessary. Her teaching is not necessarily exam linked. This is up to the pupil to decide. My main focus is on exam preparation. One day I will get to grade 8 but there are times when I have heard a piece of music I enjoy and Kathy helps me to learn that instead. From a practical perspective, Kathy lives in a quiet, accessible area of Cambridge and there are always parking spaces nearby.
Matt Date: July 2018
I have had lessons with Kathy for the past four years, coming back to 'Cello lessons after a break of several years. She is an excellent teacher - focusing not just on the technical side of 'Cello playing, but also on the art of performance and making the music engaging for the listener. She treats the process as a partnership in uncovering how to put my own interpretation onto the music studied. My playing has definitely improved, both from the quantitative perspective of Grade progressions, and also the qualitative performance aspect.
Marion Date: July 2018
Every lesson is a creative and musically expanding experience for my daughter. Kathy delivers extremely impressive focus and energy to each lesson. She establishes a connection with the student and maintains it throughout the lesson. Imagery and humour helps her to put her ideas across. - Parent of a 14 year old pupil.

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