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Mr Scott Welcomme
Lizzie Vannthrasher Date: April 2011
Lizzie Vannthrasher- Dorset “Most useful about the lessons – for me it is just the confidence thing. First off was hearing from you that my voice was not so terminally awful that I could train it to be a passable singing voice. And then next, your detail detail detail on the phrasing and tiny thing about each song shows me how to go about improving. And of course, learning that it’s a physical thing and you have to train your body in breathing, relaxation, and all those consonants and vowels. Oh yes, and listening! You are an excellent teacher.” “The lessons are excellent value for money. What you give people is hugely valuable and they will be happy to pay it” “Scott is an excellent singing teacher. He is so encouraging, and has the detailed knowledge and personal qualities that build your confidence and your ability as you progress from lesson to lesson. And what a gift – to learn to sing!”
Owen Date: October 2014
When starting my tuition with Scott I was void of any formal singing experience; my vocal ability was substandard and the prospect of 'learning to sing' appeared exceptionally daunting. However, these uncertainties were quickly eradicated. The learning environment was supportive and extremely focused, allowing my singing ability to increase dramatically. From lesson one, Scott clearly explained and demonstrated the importance of correct vocal procedures (for example: body posture, diaphragm control and appropriate larynx positioning) in order to produce a professional tone. By the end of my tuition I was able to approach and perform songs from numerous genres including Pop and Musical Theatre, feats I once deemed unachievable. This tuition has placed me in a very positive position for my forthcoming PGCE (Secondary Music) placement year. Thank you Scott! (Shortly after Owen’s first teaching year, he went on to become Head of Music at a middle school in Dorset)
Becky Date: April 2018
"Scott is a fun, enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable teacher-adaptable to any styles of singing. Scott is very flexible; he always focuses his lessons on the style of music the pupil would like to sing. He always explains the reasons for his techniques and as a pupil I was made aware of the importance of vocal health. In the three years that he taught me I grew in confidence with my singing ability which has encouraged me to take part in performances at school as well as university."
Keith Date: August 2020
"Your enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism have been much appreciated by Staff, Parents, and the children of Upton Junior School. The high quality of music provision in this school is a direct result of the efforts you have made to inspire all pupils in your care, regardless of their individual talent. This was evident in the Ofsted inspection when your teaching was highlighted as a beacon of excellence and cited as a particular strength of the school. Not only have you introduced the children to the joy of music but you have been an ambassador in the local community as well, taking groups of children to perform in a variety of different venues. As Assistant Head you have been hugely respected by your colleagues. Your sense of humour has often helped to lighten difficult situations! It has been a privilege to have worked with you." Chair of Governors
Amalie Date: August 2020
"You teaching me Piano has changed me completely. From barely knowing what a Piano was, to playing on a Steinway in front of an audience! Everything I’ve learnt has been really fun and has definitely been worth the practise."
Jenny Date: August 2020
"I never thought in a million years that Isaac would ever have the confidence to play in front of an audience, let alone play a piece he’d created himself! Isaac really looks forward to his lessons with you. I’ve lost count of the times he has said “I wish it could be Friday everyday”. Thank you for showing us that he has the potential to take his music learning to the next level."
Rory Date: August 2020
"I think I speak for everyone when I say we will miss you very much. You have been a great teacher. I had so much fun in Manila for the FOBISIA Music Festival. You've helped me with making things easier for me to understand."
Diana Date: August 2020
" Scott leads with charisma and energy and inspires enthusiasm and devotion from his pupils and assisting staff and helpers alike. Certainly goes the extra mile."
Emma Date: August 2020
"We wanted to say a personal thank you. You have been such an incredible inspiration to Luke. He comes home bursting with enthusiasm for music and playing the drums. It has helped him through the transition period to Secondary School so much, so thank you."
Nichola Date: August 2020
"Scott is a positive and motivated individual that promotes a purposeful and fun learning environment for his students and his colleagues. He is an excellent teacher; keen to reflect and develop his delivery. Greatest strengths? Enthusiasm, motivation and commitment to music education. Scott teaches with high musical expectations and new and innovative teaching methods that includes the use of technology to enhance learning."
Luke Date: August 2020
"Scott is an exceptional teacher who is motivating, knowledgeable, inspiring and innovative, and is someone whom I feel gives outstanding lessons to his students. They are given a first class, specialist education in music- which is down to Scott’s passion and commitment."
Erin Date: August 2020
"Thank you for being the best music teacher ever! Thank you for being so supportive and helping me with everything I do. I wouldn’t be taking any grades without you."
Jayne Date: August 2020
"Just a little note of thanks to you - you probably don't even realise how much music did to support Phoebe! An A* for GCSE music - all this started with you. The most important gift music has given Phoebe is her mental health - I am so used to hearing her singing or playing in the house, she calls music her stress buster; last year during the run up to GCSE's she struggled as many teens do and I didn't think I would get her through that period but she came through it and that in a way is down to you and the love of music you instilled in her, the ability to pick up an instrument and play for a while and forget exams helped so much. So cheers to you Mr Welcomme, I know your future students are going to be a lucky lot!"
Gary Date: August 2020
"Hi Scott, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say what a fantastic music lesson we had again today.I always love the participation (especially for myself!), with either the year 3’s or year 4’s. I felt really proud today, performing part of the theme to ‘Chariots of Fire’, on the piano with one of the pupils, in front of the class. I know my part was fairly basic, but seeing the enjoyment on the pupils faces (and the fact I have never had any musical talent!) made my day. It’s something I never thought I would do. So thanks again for all of your wonderful music lessons. Not only for really engaging the pupils (who all tell me they look forward to music every week), but also bringing hope to an old chap like me, that even I might be able to read and play music one day! Thank you and keep up the good work inspiring us all."
David Date: August 2020
"My music lessons are fun and are the main reason why I want to come to school. Sometimes I don’t want to go to school but when I think about my music lessons, then I’m prepped and ready to go."
David Date: August 2020
I had the absolute pleasure of working with Scott during his time at Discovery Bay. He is an outstanding practitioner; outstanding in all areas of Teaching and Learning. His talent is underpinned by a very modest and unassuming persona, and an unyielding enthusiasm for all things music. Scott was adored by students and was highly respected by colleagues. His professional, consistent and diligent approach helped define him as a great team player."
Emily Date: August 2020
"Thank you for inspiring the love of music onto Rosie. For a child who finds schooling hard, you have made Rosie believe in herself."
Sam Date: April 2011
Sam Corbin- from Dorset “Very good atmosphere, knowledge and guidance. Recording equipment was very useful. Beneficial to my additional traning. I found a better way of supporting, less throat strain. Scott is very professional and eager to help”
Jodie Date: April 2011
"Scott was previously my music teacher- and a great one too! Over the few years he's been a massive influence on me and my singing; He has shared his passion for music with me, and taught me many different areas and history of music. He has helped to boost my confidence and to become a much more professional performer. I have learnt other techniques that have helped me with my vocal range. Which has made me a better, more confident, singer. Scott is an excellent teacher, who is committed, dedicated and easy to get on with."
Claire Date: April 2011
"Scott taught me to extend my vocal range and covered various song styles including Music Theatre and Pop. He is a dedicated teacher and takes pride in helping people believe in themselves to get to the potential they are capable of achieving."
Isabelle Date: August 2020
"What I like is you've taught me- with music, you can express yourself in so many different ways. Music isn’t just all Classical songs. It can also be art."

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