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Miss Deelee Dubé
Sandra Date: November 2011
(2012) I enjoyed learning about the anatomy of the voice, and I've benefited from the quick, memorable vocal warm-ups, and the importance of articulation during singing.
Caroline Date: November 2011
I have learned a lot about the voice as an instrument, and I have particularly improved my singing ability from learning about projection, breathing, tone, and singing away from the throat. Deelee is a Brilliant teacher!
Roxana Date: May 2013
Voice, Phrasing and Pronunciation Sessions (2013) I have been having sessions for about 6 months, of one hour per week and the results are very satisfactory. We had begun with exercises for improving my understanding of the English phonetics and then, we combined free conversations with dialog/podcasts reproductions and useful common English phrasing and articulation exercises. As a result, after these months I am able to understand better and speak much clearly. English sounds, sentence stress and musicality behind English speaking are now clearer and ,during listening, I am able, to recognize common unstressed phrases and recognize the pieces of information indispensable for comprehension. I have also obtained a good set of hints that help me in my independent study and resources to improve my pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary.

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