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Ms Megan Beynon
Ms Megan Beynon
Pete Date: December 2017
Megan is an amazing teacher. She applies a huge variety of techniques when teaching, and she is passionate about music and getting the most from her students. She is enthusiastic, patient and forgiving(!). She has shown me how to take pieces of music apart and given me the tools and techniques to approach music from many different angles, really build confidence in my playing ability. I have been learning Piano with Megan for several years. Previously I had taught myself for a number of years and had a lot of bad habits and limitations to how I played. Megan has been fantastic in reconstructing how I approach the piano, and I can play pieces with confidence now that I can categorically say I wouldn't even have attempted previously. Through working with Megan, I've learned to appreciate classical music in a way I would never have done previously, and she has exposed me to some fantastic pianists and workshops throughout this journey. She has encouraged all the students that she supports to become an active and vibrant group of musical enthusiasts and I really enjoy meeting with them.
Alex Date: December 2017
Megan's enthusiasm and love for music are infectious. Her teaching approach is multi-dimensional, combining classical methods with modern technology. She is particularly good at identifying the roots of problems I have, and devising targetted exercises to solve them. She has expanded both my musical horizons and my capabilities into areas I thought beyond me, in both piano and now cello too. Quite simply, Megan has teaching genius.
Victoria Date: December 2017
I have been learning the cello with Megan for over 2 years now and I can't express how happy I am with her being my teacher. I was completely new to music theory and the cello and yet I genuinely feel I have progressed further than I thought possible. She is very incredibly knowledgeable, patient and understanding which is essential for me as a mature student. Most of all she is friendly and very professional and I would recommend Megan to absolutely anyone as both a cello, piano and all round music teacher. I am looking forward to many more lessons with Megan in the future.
Amanda Date: December 2017
Megan is a lovely teacher, very enthusiastic and dedicated. My son has a renewed interest in learning and mastering the piano.
Stella Date: December 2017
Megan is a very supportive teacher. My son, who has special needs, enjoys his lessons with her and is making good progress. Megan takes great care to prepare suitable lessons and is always patient and positive.
Franziska Date: December 2017
Megan has been a fantastic cello instructor. She has a way of working with my 12 year old that is instructional yet my daughter is inspired and having fun. Megan is able to get my daughter to try new methods without making her feel like she has been doing things wrong before. My daughter looks forward to every lesson with her and is learning a tremendous amount. We feel very fortunate to have found Megan.
Katya Date: December 2017
Absolutely wonderful person to teach my little girl, gentle and patient. Really pleased and happy to find Megan.
Ayo Date: December 2017
Megan is a natural. We couldn't have got a better teacher for our son. He eagerly awaits her lessons. Megan thoroughly engages his attention and he willingly participates in the lessons, and has made good progress. We feel privileged to have Megan as our son's music teacher.
Rachel Date: December 2017
Megan is a fantastic piano teacher - I would even say the best I've ever had. She is great at building up my confidence each lesson, and makes each lesson interesting and enjoyable giving different things to focus on each time, whilst really improving my technique. I cannot recommend her highly enough!
Emma Date: March 2019
We met Megan at a point when my daughter was already an established ‘cellist, but was no longer able to attend with her previous teacher. Megan’s style was different to what we had experienced before, focussing as much on musicianship and development of personal style and flair, as merely passing exams. This appealed to my daughter, who felt inadequately prepared to take her playing through to adulthood, where she may wish to choose to play a specific piece, and need to be equipped with the skills to decide quite how to approach it. Merely one term in, my daughter is much more confident in her musicianship skills, and the quality of her playing has improved dramatically. The improvement is obvious when we listen to her practice. The transition to a new teacher has been positive, and Megan continues to inspire my daughter through both music and self belief. Thank you Megan!
Attendee on Piano Teacher Training Date: March 2019
The sessions that Megan did during our piano teaching course were the highlights of the week. I took more away from these sessions than the rest of the week put together. Megan's ideas and resources have totally altered the way I teach, for all ages and levels of playing. They are particularly helpful for younger beginners, but all my pupils are benefiting from the approach. Megan's ideas and resources are so creative! They challenged all my assumptions about how music works, and how pupils learn. They are adaptable, and the approach can be used to identify and overcome a multitude of learning barriers and problems. I am frequently amazed at the links in understanding that even the youngest pupils make through the do re mi approach to learning music. Complex ideas and activities quickly become second nature.

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