Mr Frederick Scott
Michelle Date: December 2012
Fred, Thank you so much for sending your musicians down to the RNOH for us this week. They were amazing, and considering they had no real idea of age group they were playing for, pitched it just right. They were very friendly and unintimidating for our patients. Speaking to the parents and patients afterwards, I found a very positive reaction, ranging from 'amazing' to 'when are they coming again'. They really lifted a boring afternoon. Thanks again Michelle (Royal National Ortopaedic Hospital, Stanmore)
Nadine Date: November 2016
I’d been wanting to take my diploma exam for many years, but my work schedule always got in the way. Fred helped me take lessons around my work schedule, and the lessons were always great fun so never felt like work!I had a six month window in which I could realistically learn my pieces and take the exam – I wasn’t sure it was possible but wanted to do it. Fred encouraged me all the way, and amazingly I got a Distinction for the exam, which I was thrilled about! He is a fantastic teacher, great at helping with confidence and tailoring the lesson to how he can best help you.
Nicole Date: January 2017
What a great result which is all down to your hard and encouraging work. The girls thoroughly enjoyed your enthusiasm and skills, and have learnt and built upon them. Long may it last!
Jane Date: February 2017
"A truly inspiring teacher. Fred has a wealth of knowledge at his fingertips. His style is very much the holistic approach. Thoroughly recommended.
Mr Xu Date: May 2017
Fred has been teaching my two sons, aged 9 and 5, for 4 and 1.5 years respectively. He is not a conventional type of teacher who typically follows a carefully planned out but rigid system to teach young children. Instead, he follows the children's natural development and guides them in finding out by themselves how to play piano and enjoy music. He does not enforce technical work on my sons but only focuses on nurturing interest and encouraging play in the early days. When they are ready and improved technical skills become necessary Fred would then introduce these elements one by one, which has worked out very well. One thing that I particularly appreciate is that his teaching is never the same for two different students. The pieces my two sons played were almost completely different because Fred follows the belief that children learn most effectively when they do materials that they like. His breadth and width in music knowledge ensures his seemingly casual approach is in fact watertight, both technically, in coverage of theory and repertoire, and stories behind pieces. His lessons are also full of fun and both my sons are very fond of Fred and tremendously enjoy taking lessons with him. I think learning with Fred is like being a kite sent flying in the sky, freely and joyfully with an abundance of fulfilment, but with a string attached so can always travel safely and never worry about going the wrong way. My elder son just passed ABRSM Grade 8 exam in the spring and is still keen on keeping going. My younger son hasn't taken any exam since ABRSM Grade 1 last summer but has been enjoying playing all sorts of more advanced repertoire. It's been an amazing music journey for them, which is really what learning piano should be all about!
Suzy Date: June 2017
Fred Scott is a gifted musician and a remarkable teacher. He is an expert in many areas of music and has an impressive CV that reflects his calibre and experience. My son had lost interest in the piano but under Fred’s guidance he was completely back on track after a very short amount of time. The change in his playing is a direct result of Fred’s inspirational teaching. Fred teaches the importance of broader musical knowledge and understanding so his pupils understand the why as well as the how which accelerates their progress. Fred also makes a concerted effort to understand what makes his pupils tick and takes a real interest in their lives away from the piano and this makes his teaching all the more relevant and inspiring. My son looks forward to his lessons and practices at home without encouragement, which is something I never would have believed possible before we met Fred. If you are looking for first class piano tuition then Fred is, without exception the contact you need. I cannot recommend anyone more committed and inspiring. Fred’s passion for music is infectious and I would thoroughly recommend him as a teacher to both young and old.
Emma Date: December 2020
Fred has been pivotal in my son’s rapid progress to studying for his diploma. He has the ability to engage with even the most reluctant young teenager and subsequently my son’s playing has developed exponentially over his two years of tuition with Fred. His journey with Fred has truly awakened joy in his musicality, creative expression and knowledge. Through his expertise and boundless encouragement my son has grown in confidence and technical skill which has transferred into enthusiasm to embrace his musical artistry.
Danielle Date: January 2021
Fred is a fantastic teacher. He taught my son for several years, providing him with excellent piano and composition lessons. He was always encouraging; his lessons exciting; his insights invaluable. We are incredibly grateful for the key part he played in my son’s musical development. He has now gone on to study Music at the University of Oxford.
Julie Date: February 2021
Fred is a very talented musician who was kind enough to find time to accompany my son during his Grade 7 and Grade 8 cello exams. Fred was truly amazing and struck the perfect balance between being extremely professional but also calm and reassuring, and became a strong support to my son. Fred has a great “musical radar” which, during the exams, detected any slight changes in tempo and allowed Fred to instantly adapt to my son’s style and delivery. Thanks to Fred, my son played to his best ability and attained Distinctions in both exams.
Namrata Date: April 2012
My daughter has been learning to play the piano from Fred over the past 6 months. His enthusiasm for music is infectious, bringing out the best in my daughter. She feels a sense of achievement when she has learnt to play a piece of music ‘with both hands’. He is patient and teaches at a level that is appropriate for her. I believe she has progressed well since starting lessons with Fred.
Ade Date: February 2011
“Fred is an enthusiastic, experienced, motivational and personable piano tutor and pianist. Having used a number of teachers in the past, my childrentook an immediate liking to Fred's personality, creativity and style, which made were often tense learning sessions rather interesting and engaging. My daughter has since moved on to the Brits School (entrance gained for Music) and my other children progressing well with their musical skills and exams at the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. He is a great inspiration to his pupils. I would recommed Fred to any parent/person wanting to learn a musical instrument while having fun doing so.”
Servane Date: February 2011
“Mr Scott's years of experience showed: he adapted his teaching to my children's personalities, both being really different. He managed to get my children interested in music and most importantly, willing to practice. He knows a child's strengths and weaknesses and knows when to get a child to take his/her exams. He is realistic and manages parents' expectations well. He also tries to get the children involved into musical events/competitions outside lessons, which makes it interesting and fun. Overall, I highly recommend Mr Scott
Christine Date: March 2011
Fred has been teaching my son for nearly a year, on the piano. He is patient, kind and always encouraging Jon. Fred is calm, and listens to Jon’s needs. He is reliable and adapts accordingly with each lesson. Jon began to make steady progress learning new techniques whilst always enjoying his lessons. Jon had been composing, which he showed to Fred who quickly assessed Jon interests, and began to stretch him further. He is now a keen musician with individual tastes and enthusiasm for the piano & Composing. Fred is truly inspirational, he has the ability to identify nurture and bring out the very best of your musical talents. Jon is currently a 2011 winner of the Royal Opera House Composition competition, what a testament to Fred.
Maxine Date: April 2011
“Fred is an outstanding piano teacher. Two terms ago my daughter had never played the piano, yet now she is preparing for her Grade One exam. It is amazing to listen to her play with confidence, enjoyment and ability. Fred has a wonderful rapport with her, a real connection and I think this is the secret to his success. He started with her individual interests and slowly built upon them. Each lesson she comes on in leaps and bounds as he starts from where she is, manages to relate to her other interests and make an connection to demonstrae how she can improve. As a teacher myself, I have learnt so much from observing his teaching style. He draws upon his vast experience, musical knowledge and passion for life and music.”
Snjezana Date: May 2011
Fred has been teaching our children aged 13 and 9 for couple of years. Our son was grade 2 when he started his piano lessons with Fred and since then his progress has been incredible; from winning a musical scholarship, competitions to recently passing his grade 8 with high marks... our daughter’s progress is following our son’s and she is taking her grade 3 exam soon. Both children are working hard and value Fred's opinion. They both thoroughly enjoy Fred's lessons, his methods of teaching and simplifying facts. He is very calm and patient and is flexible towards children's moods and requests. We feel that they are learning more from Fred than just how to play the piano. They are learning about the world of music, its benefits and possibilities. They are learning to express themselves, to discuss and be creative. There are quite a few piano teachers around but not many like Fred. We are highly recommending him.
Debbie Date: October 2011
Fred is a very creative and talented individual. My three daughters have received tuition from Fred in piano, music composition and music theory, and they have all benefitted greatly from his knowledge, expertise and support. In addition, he constantly seeks opportunities for his pupils to extend their experience by being involved in musical events and competitions outside lessons. Fred's passion for the world of music shines through and he is an inspiring teacher.
Andrew Date: February 2011
‘I returned to piano lessons recently after a gap of 25 years! Fred’s effective coaching style has built my technique, knowledge and confidence to the point where I am back playing in front of an audience and taking higher level exams.’
Tom Date: February 2011
Not only is Fred an excellent pianist in his own right, he has the rare ability to impart his skill and passion to his students.’
Andy (Company Director) Date: February 2011
‘Having such a hectic working and family life, I never thought I’d fulfil my ambition to learn Jazz piano. I decided to give Fred’s lessons a try and now I’m playing my favourite standards.’
Kate (Stockbroker) Date: February 2011
‘I started playing the piano as an antidote to the stresses of corporate life… and it works! Lessons with Fred are really more like a weekly meeting with a good friend who happens to be a keyboard genius.’
Jeremy Date: February 2011
‘Although hugely fulfilled by my role as an airline captain it occurred to me that a little self-indulgent stress buster might be welcome. A visit to the local piano shop provided the answer – an introduction to Frederick Scott, the very best in inspirational tutors.’
Emily Date: February 2011
Frederick Scott is a great teacher and a great musician. My children love learning with him and are making excellent progress. He is extremely encouraging and positive. His lessons are very enjoyable
Steve Date: February 2011
Fred is an excellent inspirational teacher. He makes lessons fun
Annette Date: February 2011
We cannot recommend Frederick Scott highly enough

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