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Miss Jemimah Paine
Nicole Date: February 2020
As a musician I did not like the fact that for some reason I hadn't been given a 'singing voice' and therefore I was never comfortable singing in front of others - something we had to do in my first year of studying theology and music. Jemimah has taught me now for two years and since the first lesson I have learned a lot about my own voice, breathing, pronunciation and singing techniques! Although singing is a very personal thing to do, Jemimah has always maked sure I was comfortable and she has encouraged me a lot so right now I am much more comfortable and confident with my voice than two years ago.
Mike Date: February 2020
Jemimah has an extensive knowledge of music and an intuitive way with teaching students. From the rawest of beginners through to advanced vocals she is completely in her element. For students of any standard, age or background they will find themselves completely in a comfort zone. Any student will learn to trust Jemimah with their vocals as she takes them on a journey of learning and vocal expansion. I cannot recommend her more highly.
Jordan Date: February 2020
Other than knowing she was an amazing singer, I didn't really know Jemimah before our lessons together. Now I'm glad to call her a friend, and her lessons really reflect her upbeat personality. As a teacher, it is clear that she is always striving to become better both at teaching and singing, and as someone always adapting and learning, I feel like I'm in great hands. I've already learnt so much and look forward to learning more with her.

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