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Mr Chris Speechly BA
Sally Date: August 2014
"My 9 year-old son has been coming to Chris for nearly a year. He has ADHD and ASD and has never taken to a class or teacher so well. Chris is immensely patient and understanding of his additional needs yet still stretches and teaches him to a high standard. My son loves the classes and has never stuck at an activity for this long. Excellent teacher".
Jennifer Date: August 2014
"Chris is the teacher for students at all levels: he mentors young kids who wish to become aspiring percussionists as well as adults. He is experienced, humble, professional, patient, easy-going, possesses awesome technical skills, and is very knowledgeable about music. Most importantly, he is passionate about drumming. If you are looking for a drum instructor, I recommend Chris".
Catherine Date: December 2020
Chris is a positive and supportive teacher who treats my children as individuals. He asks them questions, listens to their opinions and engages the children by making them feel as though they are controlling the direction of their learning which fosters their independence and self-motivation. He suggests pieces of music they may like and is also brilliant at writing versions of current songs they want to learn to play. This has really increased their confidence and enjoyment of playing the piano. Merry - Chris is kind and he listens to me Maeve - he is friendly and fun Martha - he is lovely
Katherine/Estella Date: December 2020
Chris is a great teacher because: He makes the learning process easier, by breaking down the pieces into smaller parts and practicing each, until you can play the full piece well. You can choose your favourite songs and Chris will teach you to play them well, which is really cool. I have really enjoyed learning the Greatest Showman and Lady Gaga pieces ! Chris is calm, and nice and he makes learning easy, and fun. He also encourages (but does not pressure) formal learning, providing the opportunity to progress through the grades. Chris suggests helpful materials, music, books and techniques which is really useful.
Amell Date: December 2020
It was a struggle for our daughter learning her piano grade pieces. We called Chris to the rescue and he did with brio! Thanks to Chris, our daughter has achieved so much in very little time and was able to pass her grade. And now she even thinks about carrying on music... with Chris, of course.
Rachel Date: December 2020
Chris has been our teacher for over 3 years now. We've always found him to be a calm and gentle character who the children feel extremely comfortable with. He has always been happy to listen to feedback from myself or the children regarding their interests to ensure they maintain focus and enjoyment. In the children's words: "He's a really good teacher, he helps me to learn the things I find tricky," and "He's good at showing me what I need to improve and encouraging me."

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