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Mr Christian Brewer
Ernie Date: September 2011
Message BodyI first met Christian Brewer 4 years ago when I started taking alto saxophone lessons with him as a raw beginner. He has shown immense patience and forbearance, and given great encouragement when leading one through those early stages, when the prospect seems so daunting that one is frequently tempted to give up. He has the ability to identify one's strengths and weaknesses and help exploit the former and overcome the latter. His lessons serve to boost one's enthusiasm and constructively encourage continuing with the course. I have to say that his skill as a teacher is based on his outstanding ability as a saxophone player. It is a privilege to be taught by such first rank musician. To find such a great musician with patience, sympathy and great teaching skill is good fortune indeed. Ernest Lowinger MSc DipArch RIBA 34 Avenue Road Highgate
Camilla Date: September 2011
Christian Brewer is an excellent teacher. As a result of his lessons I feel I have learnt more about technique, harmony and the jazz idiom. This was further enhanced by the fact that Christian is a professional jazz musician and thus has much experience in this field. I had lessons with Christian before auditioning for Trinity College of Music and I feel that these lessons were valuable in helping me to get onto the masters course.
Jake Date: September 2011
I've been having lessons with Christian for nearly 8 years. In that time he's taught me everything from how to play a C major scale to complicated techniques of jazz improvisation. In short, he's taught me everything I know about playing the sax. One of the reasons I enjoy Christian's lessons so much is that he's happy to teach me the things I enjoy doing the most. I achieved my Grade 6 certificate several years ago, but since then we've focussed more on improvisation and learning new tunes and Christian is just as comfortable with both. As well as teaching, Christian is a great sax player himself and that has been extremely useful over the years. Being able to play duets with him, improvise with him or even just listen to him play is a huge help. Not only does it give me motivation to improve, but I am able to hear in his playing the things he is trying to teach me. Christian is definitely a perfectionist, but his attention detail ensures that I practice effectively and that everything he teaches me I learn properly. On top of this, Christian is also very helpful in recommending music books to buy, places to fix my saxophone, music to listen to, opportunities to go and play with other people and generally dealing with any saxophone related questions I might have.

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