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Ms Hilary Michel
Suki Date: November 2012
Hilary's years of experience in teaching piano is very apparent when you sit and watch her during a lesson. It is not easy to hold my son's attention for a period of time but she knew exactly when to push and when to hold back. As a result he is progressing very well and looking forward to his lessons. Hilary is very committed to her students and she expects the same commitment from them. Attention to detail is very important to her and she knows exactly how to help my son overcome his difficulties according to his merits and weakness. Her patient and encouraging teaching methods have inspired my second son and me to take up piano as well.
Sahar Date: November 2012
I am an adult learner resuming piano study after a lapse of 7 years and without having achieved any grades. I was recommended to Hilary Michel. With her help, my technique and the level of pieces I can play has improved and I am now about to start Grade 4 with her. I have also learned classical, jazz and well known pieces. I am thankful to have her as my piano teacher.
Victor Date: December 2018
I have been with Hilary for 4 years and in all honesty, they have been wonderful. I have progressed significantly with my piano and I am currently studying Grade 4. The teacher thoroughly analyses your play style and works very hard to perfect your performance. Really recommend her! 10/10
Nicola Date: December 2018
Hilary has been teaching my children piano for a few years. She is great at putting the children at ease and they really enjoy their lessons. I like that she instills in them correct hand and body position as well as playing the pieces correctly. She is very patient with my son, who likes to take his time.
Katherine Date: December 2018
Hilary teaches my 7 year old daughter piano. She is patient, kind and is very good at teaching the basics in a way a beginner can understand. Hilary makes the lessons fun and my daughter is improving all the time. I highly recommend Hilary.
Lindsay Date: December 2018
I was looking for a Singing Teacher, who would be tolerant of a semi retired lapsed bass singer, whose aspirations were to increase my vocal range and to enjoy singing in a choir, singing popular songs. Hilary, with the occasional assistance of her large friendly dog, is an enthusiastic teacher, who has provided me with a whole new range of vocal and breathing exercises and who has introduced me to singing from Operas in Italian and Russian. She has been energetic in finding appropriate music to sing. She sets high standards and has a deep repertoire of knowledge to transmit. She does so in a pragmatic and friendly way.
Maureen Date: December 2018
My 12 year old daughter started her singing lessons with Hilary in January of this year. Hilary set the pace from the very first lesson and from then onwards I had no doubt that I had found the right teacher. Hilary's time management is excellent; her teaching style is fun and engaging whilst at the same time sets a very high performance standard. Hilary is a committed teacher who enables her students to achieve excellent results too - whether its for auditions or exams. I highly recommend Hilary as a singing teacher.
Nadine Date: December 2018
It can be quite a daunting experience to pick up a new instrument as an adult but Hilary immediately made me feel at ease. Almost 5yrs down the line and I am still having regular lessons with her as she makes them enjoyable but challenging at the same time. I feel like I have become a well-rounded pianist thanks to her excellent guidance. She is an amazing teacher and I would recommend her to anyone.
Jacqueline Date: February 2019
I've been having lessons with Hilary for 18 months. Have been a choral singer all my life, and picked up lots of bad habits on the way! Hilary has helped me to improve my technique so I can produce a better sound and avoid strain on my voice. And we have fun working on songs from opera, oratorio and musical theatre. I definitely recommend Hilary as an encouraging and supportive teacher.
Peter Date: March 2019
I have known Hilary for some four years and only got to know her so much better after I had booked her to give me singing lessons. The arrangement was to get me to required standard from a development of bad singing habits within 5 weeks, as I was booked to sing as a duet with a friend guitarist at our local theatre. She confronted this challenge boldly with patience, firmness and good humour that only a dedicated professional would be able to do. I was comfortable with her set of teaching and did not feel inferior surrounded with her musical talents. In the short window I had improved sufficiently enough to please my colleague and now look forward to our live performance with much more confidence. I am lucky to have met such a lovely teacher and highly recommend Hilary to teach any age group from children to seniors.
Guliz Date: March 2019
I highly recommend Hilary. She is a highly experienced tutor and our daughter has built strong foundations for singing and piano with Hilary’s amazing attention for perfection. Thank you Hilary!
Jumel Date: April 2019
Hilary’s knowledge and experience really comes out in her ability to teach and coach. As a complete newbie I have picked up a lot of skills in the first few lessons and appreciate the level of engagement I get from Hilary. She teaches skills that have a long term impact and also very fun to learn with.
Zoe Date: November 2012
Hilary Michel was my Singing teacher and Vocal Coach for 7 years. She also taught me Piano for 3 years. She was an exceptional teacher with all the qualities a student could want, patience, kind and supportive and I trusted her completely. She always knew how to solve any obstacles and without her help, I would not be at such a high standard. She is the type of teacher who will try her very best to improve your skills and confidence. She was highly recommended by other parents.
Marianna Date: November 2012
I have known Hilary Michel for over a decade. She agreed to take me on as an adult pupil of Piano. I thoroughly enjoyed her lessons. She tailored them for an adult and me personally. Learning the piano with Hilary was great fun. She is a good motivator and honest about what it requires to progress. I stopped learning when I gave birth to my son but am planning to return next year when my son can start too.
Ann Date: November 2012
My 7 year old son has been having piano lessons with Hilary Michel for over a year now. Hilary has with patience, humour and kindness taught him to both play and read music. This has inspired him and given him confidence. He loves going to the lessons and always feels good about himself and his achievements when he leaves.
Anna Date: November 2012
My son has been having weekly piano lessons with Hilary since the age of 6. She has been both patient and inspirational in pitching her lessons to a complete novice and has nurtured his confidence and encouraged him to read and appreciate music. He looks forward to his lessons all week. I would highly recommend Hilary as a piano teacher. Her lessons are fun and motivating.
Liz Date: November 2012
My daughter had Singing lessons with Hilary for 3 years and brought her to an unexpectedly high level. She is sensitive and thoughtful in her approach to teaching all ages and abilities, as observed by myself during charming concerts for pupils. My daughter's academic confidence improved for the experience of preparing for ABRSM exams. She has developed an interest in early music and looks forward to continuing her Singing lessons in university holidays.

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