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Mr Justin Burton BMus(hons)
Mr Justin Burton  BMus(hons)
Ben Date: February 2017
Learning piano with Justin is never boring. My child has been having lessons with Justin from the age of 4 and he really enjoys playing the piano. Justin is a remarkable teacher who takes time to really understand his pupils' personalities and structures his teaching to help encourage and build on their strengths. Learning piano with Justin is not just about progression but it's about enjoyment and fulfillment and this is reflected in his teaching. If only I also had such a dedicated and inspiring music teacher in my day!" - Ben, an extremely satisfied dad.
Sarah Date: February 2017
Justin has taught piano to our three daughters, now aged 11, 8 and 7 for the past four and a half years. Not only is he a highly skilled pianist, but he also shows an extraordinary ability to motivate the girls by praising every single accomplishment, and as a consequence, instills in them a feeling of confidence. Justin always demonstrates limitless amounts of patience and kindness, and our daughters really look forward to their next piano lesson with him. Whether the girls are working towards their next graded music exam, or simply playing for fun, we have found that Justin effectively tailors his approach to the needs of the individual student. I can heartily recommend Justin as an excellent piano teacher. Sarah Savoia.
Nikki Date: February 2017
I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Justin, he has a never-ending patience, kindness and ability to gain the attention of the busiest little boy! He is very personable and our son enthuses about his lessons every week. He has kept his attention, increased his concentration span (even outside of his piano lessons) and encouraged him to settle down and enjoy his lessons. These tangible results are in a very short space of time, simultaneously giving consistency and a real support to us as parents. 'How was your piano today?' 'Ah just great!' Says it all, every week. Nikki Winstone.
Roda Date: February 2017
Justin has been teaching me violin for the past 2 ½ years. I have made excellent progress. I have really enjoyed learning the violin. In the two and a half years, I have gone from being a first time string player who did not know how to hold the violin to Grade 4. He is patient, yet expects perfection, moves the music student forward quite quickly and knows how to pitch his teaching style to different abilities. He has experience, a wonderful sense of humour and good teaching strategies that capture and keep the music studentsí interest. I would strongly recommend him. Mrs Roda Odari (mature student)
Zawadi Date: February 2017
Justin taught me violin when I was studying for Grade 2. He helped me to learn my pieces really quickly and made playing violin fun. With my Grade 2 ABRSM exam, I achieved a distinction and was very pleased for his help! Justin has inspired me to play well and I am currently working towards Grade 6. He often helps me work on my pieces during the holidays and recently helped me prepare a piece for an audition to join a string orchestra, which really impressed the conductor and helped me to get in. Miss Zawadi Odari
Michelle Date: February 2017
Justin has been teaching my son to play the piano for the last 3 years, since the age of 5 years old. It is such a complex instrument for a small child, we were unsure but decided to give it a go with Justin as tutor. My son thoroughly enjoys his lessons, we are impressed with his progress. Justin makes the lessons fun and really knows how to adapt the lesson for my sonís individual needs. He is patient and caring and has a lovely manner, and we really couldn't wish for a better tutor. He is articulate and precise with his teaching and we are amazed by his patience! I don't think my son would be at the standard he is without Justin, and couldnít recommend him highly enough, thank you Mr Burton. Michelle Dowdall
Archana Date: March 2017
My son has been with Justin for 4 years and he absolutely enjoys the piano lessons. Justin is always very motivating and encouraging, and tries to bring the best out of his pupils. He keeps us posted about our sonís progress and also is very accommodating if due to circumstances, we needed to change lesson timings. I am very happy to say Justin is one of the best teachers at Nottingham High School.
Charlie Date: March 2017
Justin has been teaching my 10 year old son piano for 5 years. Over that time I have been impressed how much my son has learnt and how he has developed a real love of playing. Justin has a fantastic way with children and is extremely good at motivating his pupils. He understands my son and has allowed him to progress without having to sit exams. He finds pieces to teach that my son wants to learn so I rarely have to ask my son to practice. I would recommend Justin without hesitation to anyone who wanted their child to learn to play the piano.
Caitriona Date: March 2017
Justin is a fantastic teacher. My son just wanted to learn without the exam pressure and Justin saw this early on, he discussed it with me and now without prompting, my son is ready to move to the grade he is ready for. Taylor aged 10 - 'Justin asks what I'd like to do, there is no stress and he is a great teacher'

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