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Mr Peter Footitt
Sian Date: December 2012
Pete was recommended to me by a work colleague. I am very glad I took up this recommendation as my guitar playing has come on in leaps and bounds. At all times I have found Pete to be enthusiastic, conscientious and a very good guitar teacher. I am relatively new to guitar playing and up until the start of the lessons with Pete I was becoming increasingly frustrated as I could see little or no improvement in my playing. Pete is incredibly helpful and extremely patient. He takes the trouble to research songs and learn guitar parts in preparation for lessons. Lessons are a good mix of practical and music theory. As a result I have noticeably improved not only in technique but also in much needed confidence. I was initially extremely nervous playing in front of anyone, Pete has encouraged me and I've seen my confidence steadily grow -so much so I have recently joined a band and have a gig coming up in the next few months!!!I would happily recommend Pete as a guitar tutor to anyone considering lessons -regardless of age or ability. You won't regret it.
Paula Date: December 2012
I am advertising for a fantastic Guitar Teacher who is now ready to start taking bookings for private one to one lessons from 6th October 2012. Pete Footitt has been teaching my son for a couple of years now and I cannot recommend him highly enough. My son has been taught to play the songs HE enjoys listening too - Pete has also taught him how to read music and works equally on theory and playing ensuring that my son understands music as well as being able to play confidently and with enthusiasm. My younger son has already booked his place from October and he cannot wait! Pete teaches from his studio at his home in Prestatyn. Please feel free to contact Pete to discuss your individual requirements. He is very accommodating and will help all he can. Places will book up fast so call soon :)
Bob Date: March 2013
Dysgodd yr organ-geg i fi achos doedd gen i ddim syniad sut i chwarae fo, roeddwn yn hollol ddechreuwr. Roedd Peter mor gefnogol ac on in teimlon hollol gyfforddus yn ei gwmni. Faswn gymeradwyo fo i unrhyw un sydd yn dechrau or ddechrau efor offeryn, ac maer tal yn rhesymol iawn.
Bob Date: March 2013
He taught me to play the harmonica as i didnt have a clue how to play it; I was an absolute beginner. Peter was so supportive and i felt totally comfortable in his company. Id recommend him to anyone whos starting off with the instrument, and his fee is very reasonable.
Lisa Date: February 2014
Peter has been teaching my 9 year old daughter how to play the guitar for a year now. She looks forward to the 1 hour lesson each week and enjoys Pete's company too. Her confidence is slowly growing and she likes the fact that she learns to play the songs she actually likes. I would recommend him to anyone, he's a nice guy and very approachable.
Rhiannon Date: February 2014
I really enjoy going to my guitar lessons and I have learnt a lot from only starting a year ago. I love playing guitar and Pete really encourages me to keep going even if I find something difficult.
Amanda Date: February 2014
My daughter really looks forward to her guitar lessons especially as she can play the music she likes. Peter is a patient and approachable tutor who listens to what genre his pupils want to play and allows them to develop at their own pace.
Holly Date: May 2014
I would just like to say what fantastic teaching that Pete took his time out to teach my little boy Brandon who is 8years. Brandon loved playing and learning to play the guitar, he also loved to look at all Pete's different instruments which Pete didn't mind explaining to him what they were and how they worked. I also liked the way Pete took the 1 hour a week lesson, he varied it to where Brandon was able to choose what type of music he wanted to learn and listen to and gave Brandon homework each week to able him to progress. Overall I would really rate Pete as a music teacher he is fab and great with the kids too.
Sheree Date: July 2014
6 years ago my dad passed away, and just before he died he told me that he was giving me his much treasured Lee Oskar harmonicas, 11 of them to be precise! Music was his love, and he used to play them as much as he was well enough to, so after 6 years of them still being stored away in their box, I decided to make a silent promise to my dad to learn to play them as I knew he would be so proud to hear me play them if he was still alive. This is when I searched the net and found Peter the music teacher and much to my delight discovered he taught harmonica, and that's exactly what Peter has done for me. From the very beginning he was very encouraging as I was greatly lacking in confidence and belief that I could achieve my goal and vision. Even though at times I had doubts in my ability, Peter never once had a negative response. His feedback was always positive! He also taught me the theory behind the music and was very explanatory in this area which was a great help. I had many enjoyable lessons and Peter was inspirational in his approach and knowledge. I have much to thank Peter for and I would highly recommend Peter to anyone as he is a very patient, professional teacher.

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