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Miss Maria Grapsa
Miss Maria Grapsa
Heinz Kaiser Date: August 2021
Maria is an outstanding piano teacher. There are many very good piano teachers, but, she has a natural instinct for music that makes every learning experience with her a rich and fulfilling one. She gently challenges me to push my perceived limits and time and again gets me to the next level. Gradually, song by song, piece by piece I am building a new repertoire that I can play with confidence and enjoyment. Maria’s lessons are a combination of disciplined teaching and learning and joyful exploration and enjoyment of music. She does not tolerate poor technique or gloss over the detailed knowledge and understanding that are required to master a piece at any level. Her lessons are so enriching and so much fun. I cannot offer higher praise than that. -December 2020
Olivia Jane Date: August 2021
Maria has been teaching my little girl now for 3 years, in voice and piano and, both her technique and confidence have grown so much, which really is down to Maria. As well as being a fantastic musician, she brings so much fun to the lessons with her approach to teaching, energy and enthusiasm. My daughter loves that, as well as learning grade pieces, she’s learnt such a wide range of songs and pieces and really looks forward to the lessons each week. I would totally recommend Maria to anyone that wants a teacher that will really inspire their children to love music.  July 2021
Hosanna Stokes Date: August 2021
My son thoroughly enjoyed his piano lessons with Maria. He made excellent progress with her. She inspired his love of the jazz and blues style. She was always professional, reliable and friendly. I highly recommend her as a piano teacher. September 2020
Ebony and Ivory Music Shop, NW9 Date: January 2017
"Maria has been a great piano teacher throughout the 2.5 years she worked with us. All the students that she has been working with have been very pleased with her teaching and have successfully passed their ABRSM exams. As Maria has good ethic and character we were happy to cooperate with her and we hope we will work again with her in the future." - Ebony and Ivory, NW9
Desmond, Camden Piano Rescue Owner Date: July 2017
I have known Maria Grapsa professionally since 2014 and can attest to her remarkable service to the musical community here. She also proved to be an invaluable asset as adviser to our projects taking pianos to a small Buddhist school in the Himalayas and to a School for street children in Mozambique as shown on the BBC. She is without doubt one of the finest music teachers both for adults and children that I have ever met during my last fifty years as a piano tuner.
Liz, Canonbury Date: July 2017
My daughters, aged 7 and 8, and I, love our lessons with Maria. She is kind and patient, and teaches with genuine compassion. In particular, she is sensitive to what each of us will enjoy playing, and hence what will motivate us. She keeps things fresh and fun. We have all come on so much since starting our lessons with Maria.
Daniel Sandford Date: January 2018
"Maria coaxed our 7 to 9 year-old twins through the first 18 months of learning piano with great patience. She taught them everything they needed from the very start - how to practice, and the building blocks of sight-reading and theory. They loved learning with her."- Daniel Sandford, BBC correspondent
Richard, Islington Date: October 2016
'I have been having lessons with Maria for nearly two years and find her to be a very good teacher. Having had lessons as a child, but having forgotten most things since then, Maria was very good at reintroducing me to playing music. Lessons are fun, challenging and rewarding. Maria is an enthusiastic and friendly teacher. She is also very flexible in content, happy to focus on areas I’m keen on, but equally can drive me on the trickier parts when I need pushing. I highly recommend her.'
Heidi, Haggerston Date: August 2016
"Maria has been teaching our daughter piano for 1.5yrs now. She brings a love and enthusiasm for music far beyond the structured note. She knows how to develop a good rapport with children and how to communicate at their level. Thanks to Maria, this year our daughter won the music award for her class!"
Allison, Canonbury Date: August 2016
Maria has been a godsend to me. After not playing the piano for over 10 years, I felt my busy life would mean I couldn’t find the time to enjoy playing the piano again to my previous standard. Maria understands my weekly schedule pressures, so the practice plans she sets for me are focussed and realistic. Maria’s patient, encouraging and consistent approach means I have been able to enjoy music again and also concentrate on some more serious pieces!
Poonam, Colindale Date: August 2016
Maria is an amazing piano teacher and mentor for anyone seeking greater achievement and enjoyment in piano studies. She is highly experienced and very professional which you can see in her lessons and in the results she creates in her students. One of my favorite things about Maria is that she will push you to do your utmost best with every piece, paying attention not only to technical detail but also to the emotion and story that every piece should express. The best part is that she does this kindly and patiently. I would recommend Maria for anyone looking for a solid & enjoyable music education and for anyone willing to work hard for amazing results.- Poonam Vara
Keith, Balham Date: August 2016
"I'm so happy with the progress I've made this past year learning the piano with Maria. Her patience and encouragement have done wonders for me and her enthusiasm is a total blessing."
Penelope, West London Date: May 2016
'Maria is a very encouraging and talented piano teacher. She is quick to identify areas for improvement with my technique. With her guidance and patience I have learnt pieces, that at first were very challenging. I always look forward to her lessons and leave feeling inspired, with further tips for my development.'
Brad James Date: December 2015
"I first came into contact with Maria Grapsa when I saw she was giving free basic Piano Tuition for people who do not have music in their lives. I was welcomed by Maria's warm-hearted and genuine nature which remains unforgettable until this day. I can definitely say that Maria is one of the most talented, wonderful, and easy to work with Piano Tutors out there right now. Maria brought melody back into my life in a time when I needed it the most, and I could always guarantee she would put a smile on my face." Brad James, CEO of The James Brothers Productions
Andreas, Islington Date: May 2015
Maria is a fantastic teacher, she's very patient and passionate about the piano and I look forward to every lesson. I've learned so much since starting lessons with Maria and I would recommend her to all age groups. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about the piano and that comes through in her lessons. Highly recommended.
Rebecca, Balham Date: May 2015
Maria is teaching me the piano from scratch and is incredibly kind, patient and generous with her time. She is very flexible in her approach, always happy to focus the lessons around what I want to do, but always coming up with new music and ideas to stretch me and keep me moving along. I really love the time we spend together each week, it's a break from normal life for me and Maria makes sure I look forward to it and get the most out of every session.
Peter, Kilburn Date: May 2015
I started lessons with Maria in January 2015 and had previously been learning the piano for a year prior to this. Over these last 5 months I have significantly improved my playing. Maria concentrated on my weakness of sight reading and gave me drills to improve my dexterity and timing. Maria is a kind and encouraging teacher, her lessons are always varied, practical and fun. It is clear that she is passionate about music and this come through from her enthusiasm and teaching. Outside of lessons she is responsive to questions and sets relevant homework to ensure you are practicing and improving. I have already recommended Maria to my friends, who have subsequently also benefited from her teaching. I am very happy to have Maria as my teacher and look forward to continue to learn and improve under her tutelage.

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