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Mr Kevin Gunner
Jason Date: June 2011
" I have been playing electric guitar on and off for the best part of 10 years but have never really got anywhere, so I decided to get professional lessons from Kevin. Iím so glad I did as it feels like Iím now getting somewhere. Kevin is very patient and extremely informative. His knowledge is endless which really helps with the theory side of things. Iím gaining in skill and knowledge every week, to the point where I have booked the RGT grade one exam and with Kevinís help I hope to pass and progress further. The hour lesson seems to fly by and it feels like Iím just jamming with a good friend. The lessons are always aided with fantastic backing tracks where needed and of course Kevin also plays alongside me to help. My only regret is not meeting Kevin ten years ago for lessons. I will have no hesitation in recommending Kevin to others looking for one of the best guitar teachers around. "
Elaine Date: January 2013
" Kevin has been teaching our son electric guitar for the last couple of years, taking him from a complete novice to a very capable and confident player, now playing with more complex styles and techniques. From a parents perspective he is an excellent teacher. "
Cam Date: January 2013
" I had been very on and off with guitar struggling to learn much that was useful. But since beginning lessons with Kevin I have noticed huge changes in the way I play guitar. I have begun to develop my own playing style and I am now able to play songs that my family and friends recommend to me. Having lessons with Kevin also allows me to play what I like no matter how easy or difficult. Lessons are a fun and fulfilling experience which I look forward to every week. "
Lisa Date: January 2013
" Our daughter has been having acoustic guitar lessons with Kevin for the last 18 months. Kevin is very calm and patient which is a real asset when teaching new techniques. He makes the lessons fun and interesting and our daughter has learnt a wide variety of different music. Kevin is always on time, very polite and we would have no hesitation in recommending him. "
Nick Date: January 2013
" I found Kevin via the internet over two years ago. I was a complete novice but due to Kevin's huge knowledge plus his patient teaching techniques it wasn't long before I started to pick up the basics. I have a lesson once a week. This lessons are well prepared and Kevin is very helpful. He comes with my highest recommendation. "
Claire Date: April 2014
" I highly recommend Kevin as a tutor. He is very knowledgeable, encouraging and understanding. Kevin is very adaptable, puts you at ease and will teach you what you want to play. If you put in the work you will progress and learn a lot. Lessons are always very well prepared, incorporating the next steps as well as being enjoyable. I couldnít ask for a better tutor, if you want to learn guitar this is the place to go "
Martin Date: April 2014
Ē I can highly recommend Kevin. His knowledge and patience have not only helped my technical ability, but also increased my enjoyment in playing a wide range of music. I only wish Iíd discovered him years ago. ď
Beverley Date: July 2014
Ē My son started learning electric guitar with Kevin about 3 years ago and quickly gained confidence getting to grade 5 end of last year. Kevin always brings good music thatís enjoyable to play and this has helped to keep his interest. Kevin is kind and funny, so Jack looks forward to his lessons. As a parent I believe Kevin is a very skilled guitar tutor and really engages his students. I donít think Jack would have continued so long if Kevin hadnít been his tutor. They are now creating their own musical compositions and learning bass guitar together in the sessions, its very exciting. I would definitely recommend Kevin. ď
Matt Date: June 2015
"After having been taught by Kevin for over 3 years, I can safely say that I could not ask for a better guitar teacher. I have improved a great deal over this time with Kevin as my mentor, but I have also learned much about how to compose my own music and improvise, which was something I never thought I would enjoy. The lessons are laid-back, interesting and sometimes difficult, but I have enjoyed every one of them (although my tired fingers may disagree). I would definitely recommend Kevin as a teacher for all those who are looking to be taught guitar outside of school or college."
Lauren Date: June 2017
" Kevin has been teaching my 13 year old son electric and acoustic guitar for a few years now, he had never played an instrument before this. We are amazed on how far he has come in such a short time and how enthusiastic he still is about playing. At times if he has become frustrated because he can't quite get something right immediately Kevin has always been able to encourage him and give him the confidence he's needed to continue. Kevin customises all of my son's lessons to suit his tastes in music which keeps him interested and keen to learn. We can't recommend Kevin highly enough, he's down to earth and incredibly talented. My son loves his lessons with him and its so wonderful listening to how well he plays now "
James Date: June 2017
" In the hands of someone who doesn't know a chord from a quarter note, a banjo is just a noise maker. That's where I started lessons with Kevin. In the relaxed, patient and supportive environment of Kevin's studio he has guided me through the basics of different playing styles and taught me the fundamentals of music. I look forward to each lesson, and I feel inspired to play more when I leave. My banjo doesn't just make noise anymore. Thanks Kevin "
Jo Date: June 2017
" Kevin's been teaching my son guitar for 3 years now and he looks forward to every lesson. Kevin gives my son the inspiration to keep practicing and Kevin's song choices keep him really interested, especially when they play together. Kevin is always very punctual and we have never felt short changed Without Kevin my son would have given up a long time ago! "
Annie Date: June 2017
" I have been having guitar lessons with Kevin for just over two years, having decided to take up the guitar when I retired. Kevin is the perfect teacher for me Ė he is professional with a relaxed teaching style which puts you at ease. He is also very patient and understanding. At times, when there is a difficult chord to master, Kevin will always find an easier voicing without compromising on the sound. I learn a song a week for a jam group and I wouldnít be able to keep this up without Kevinís help with the structure and rhythm of the songs. He has also recorded, at varying speeds, riffs or tricky sections of a song in his own time and sent these to me for practice and has simplified short solos for me, boosting my confidence. Kevin focuses on what you want to learn, whether that be a specific song style or music theory. Kevin always arrives punctually and well prepared for our lesson. He can teach any style and prepares materials accordingly. I have learnt a lot of music theory with Kevin, as he explains this in a simple format which makes it easy to understand. I have tried learning with the many online teachers available on YouTube these days, but nothing compares to having your own personal teacher. My hour a week with Kevin is the shortest hour in my week!! I would highly recommend Kevin, whether you are an experienced player or just starting out with this wonderful instrument. "
Andrew Date: June 2017
" I have been having lessons with Kevin for about a year. I chose Kevin because I was looking for a different approach. Kevinís significant impact on my playing has been through learning to play songs. Simple though that may be, it was missing from earlier attempts to learn. Through these songs , which mostly I choose, music theory and playing technique are covered as well as the satisfaction of actually playing music. Our lessons are enjoyable and I look forward to them. We either work on something Kevin picks up on, or he responds to what I want to do. This works very well for me as a mature student because it has a collaborative feel, means my playing is developing but fits with how much practice I can do given my varying work commitments. Despite my more limited playing ability we occasionally get to jam together, which I get a real kick from! For anyone wishing to make music by playing guitar, Kevin comes with a firm recommendation from me. "

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