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Ms Polly Hewett
Laura Date: May 2018
'Polly is a fantastic tutor and my jazz piano playing has moved on a lot in my time with her. As someone who is classically trained, I’ve always found jazz and improvisation tricky. Polly bridges the gap between these styles and has lots of tricks and techniques up her sleeve that have helped me along the way. She is also a super lovely and supportive person. Highly recommended!’
Jeff Date: May 2018
‘I was always too nervous to start singing lessons until I bit the bullet and called Polly. I’m so glad I did! The quality of her singing teaching is second to none. I even managed to sing in front of a big band at my wedding, a life long dream for me – all thanks to her expert mentoring and teaching. She’s immensely knowledgeable, uncompromising and fun. I felt I came on leaps and bounds under her tutorage. Thanks so much Polly’
Katriona Date: May 2018
‘Having had trial lessons with a number of piano teachers, I can confidently say Polly is the best! I am not the most gifted of pianists, however Polly is very patient and lessons are always lots of fun’.
Alice Date: May 2018
‘When I first went to see Polly there were a lot of things I didn’t like about my voice but I didn’t know what I was doing wrong or how to change my technique. She immediately pinpointed the parts of my voice that sounded weaker, and helped me to understand where I was going wrong and she made every lesson fun and enjoyable! She was the first person I ever sang my songs to and her support and encouragement helped give me the confidence to perform on stage, record with other producers and eventually to release my own songs. She also gave me tips on how to improve my songs and showed me my strengths and how to play to these in my songwriting and production.’
Scott Date: May 2018
‘Having looked online for jazz piano lessons close to my office I found Polly. She’s helped me to break out of the musical rut I have been stuck in and my playing is now much more fluid. She has opened me up to new horizons after playing and writing the same thing for 30 years.’
Michelle Date: May 2018
‘Polly taught me for several years while I was living in London. She helped me immensely – building up my confidence after a long spell of not singing. She is very knowledgeable and improved my technique, as well as being incredibly supportive. I found my lessons really enjoyable and was sad to stop training with Polly when I moved out of London’.

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